Where To Buy Malia & Sasha Obama’s Chokers

Who says the Kardashian sisters are the only ones who can pull off the choker trend? On Monday night, Sasha and Malia Obama stepped off of Air Force One (aka Dad's private jet) in Morocco wearing metal chokers, proving that they are very much on board with this teenage trend (remember those days?). Sasha Obama wore a double layer of necklaces with a black, floral printed dress, while sister Malia paired her silver choker with a navy jumpsuit/blouse combination. So where can you buy chokers like Sasha and Malia Obama?

Unlike the faux-neck-tattoo chokers that I used to wear as a teenager (I can't believe I'm openly admitting to that on the Internet), the Obama sisters' necklaces are incredibly stylish and elegant. Chokers first became a "thing" again thanks to Rihanna, the Kardashians, and some other It girls, and were featured on the runway in some of the Fall 2016 shows during fashion week in February.

Love them or hate them, these necklaces are majorly versatile, and can be worn with pretty much anything to add an elevated rocker vibe to your look. I, for one, am really going to miss these budding fashionistas in the White House come November.

Check out these nine (affordable!) options to steal Sasha and Malia's style.

1. Classic Silver

Robert Lee Morris Silver Plated Shiny Wrap Collar Necklace, $28,

If you want a choker that's classic, elegant and goes with everything, this one from Robert Lee Morris is for you.

2. Natural Rock

Vanessa Mooney The Pusher Choker Necklace, $60,

Part glitzy naturalist, part rocker, this black choker is a great way to add a cool-girl vibe to a classic LBD.

3. Moonstone

Vanessa Mooney My Heart Moonstone Necklace, $70,

More of a gold girl? Try this dainty chain, complete with a real moonstone accent.

4. Choker Chain

What could be more punk rock than a giant, silver choker chain? This would look badass with a white T-shirt, boyfriend jeans and a pair of Stan Smiths, or with a flowy black dress at an evening event.

5. Hang Tie

El Paso Black And Silver Layered Choker Necklace, $12,

This Bolo Tie inspired choker will really help you embrace your inner cowboy. It comes in silver or gold, and will look ultra-sexy with low-cut summer tops and dresses.

6. Glittering Gold

ALDO Codien Layering Choker, $14,

Glitzy, gold, and under $15? Yes, please.

7. Pearl Drop

Faux Suede Layered Choker, $3.90,

This double-layered black and cream choker looks very similar to the one Sasha wore in Morocco. Plus, it's basically two necklaces for the price of one!

I'm not sure how long this trend is going to last, but my guess is not super long, so shop these before they go out of fashion!

Images: Courtesy of Brands