How Will Margo's Death Affect Amy At Camp Stillwater? She's Feeling Some 'Dead Of Summer' Guilt

At the beginning of Dead Of Summer, I really though that Amy needed to chill the eff out. She was jittery and nervous and weird, and eventually, Dead Of Summer showed us why — Amy’s best friend died right before she came to Camp Stillwater. That would be enough to throw me, I have to say. Amy has a lot of guilt over Margot’s death — is that why she’s seeing these ghost things at Camp Stillwater? Or does Amy have a power on Dead Of Summer that we’re not aware of yet? How supernatural does this thing go?

The story goes like this: Amy moved her senior of high school and was assigned lab partners with the mean girl in school (she does not wear pink on Wednesdays, though). Margot, the mean girl, and Amy became friends, and Margot’s mom was a little high strung, wanting her to study and not be a normal teenager. It was kind of like Footloose. Anyway, Margot and Amy snuck out to a party, the cops came to break it up, and Margot’s mother had instilled the fear of getting caught drinking in her so much that Margot hid in a bedroom, and when the cops knocked on the door, she tried to jump out the window to hide from them. Now that’s some hysteria. She slipped, she fell, she died, and Amy feels responsible for this.


Here’s my question — is Amy’s guilt producing the apparitions at Camp Stillwater? Is she the only one whose ankles will be grabbed all season? If not, why is Margot’s hand and charm bracelet trying to attack her? Margot was supposed to go to camp with Amy — in fact, it was Margot’s idea. I have a theory that Camp Stillwater is indeed haunted (what old building isn’t), but Amy’s hallucinations are because of her own guilt about Margot’s death. Is it true? We’ll see later on in Dead Of Summer.

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