What Was Up With that Ugly-Shaming Jimmy Kimmel Skit? Late Night Host Criticizes Oscar Viewers in Bizarre Sketch

We get it, award shows are no longer what they once were. Audiences no longer watch in silence, occasionally nudging their seat mate to comment on a crooked bow-tie or a cut-too-low dress, now. It's the 21st century, and the audience is as integral to the ceremonies as the presenters themselves. Thanks to social media such as twitter, the whole world, including the red carpet hosts and the nominees themselves can see exactly what you think. During an Oscar red carpet pre-show, one late night host showed just how connected we all are. During a skit poking fun at us, the audience, Jimmy Kimmel stepped through a viewers TV set and showed them just what their interweb critique feels like. And, in the process, pretty much ugly-shamed everyone who is not a glitzy Hollywood star.

The "viewers" he went to accost were tweeting about the likability of an ABC red carpet host, comparing her dress to that of a Bratz doll and the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. Kimmel dove through their television set, into an obviously staged living room and read some of their tweets aloud. He even went as far as to condemn the viewers' attire and overall appearance (how dare they not look like beautiful Hollywood stars?!), but gave the man's ensemble snaps for "playful layering." The whole thing was a bit confusing, and the interwebs agree: