What Does The 'AHS' Season 6 Logo Mean? The Mysterious New Symbol Is Our Newest Clue For The Season

It's not enough to be glued to the small screen as a TV fan in 2016 — the even smaller screen of your phone is just as important, with TV networks increasingly leaking information via social media. So it was with the debut of the American Horror Story Season 6 logo, which was unveiled to fans for the first time via the show's official Twitter account. The American Horror Story account changed its header on Tuesday June 28 to the striking black and red minimalistic logo, which plays on the visual similarity between the number six and a question mark.

The logo is rather mysterious, which perfectly echoes everything we know — or don't know — about American Horror Story Season 6 so far. In an interview with Variety, FX CEO John Landgraf revealed very little, explaining “It’s set in the present although with echoes of the past, it’s set in two time periods … but principally in the present.” While casting remains unconfirmed, fan favorites Lady Gaga (the Countess) and Sarah Paulson (Sally McKenna, and Billie Dean Howard) have teased their returns.

So what can we deduct from this logo? The black and red colors suggest the show's appetite for bloodshed won't go unsated in Season 6. I'd speculate the fact that the question mark as a major part of the logo might mean that we're forced as viewers to solve a mystery, presumably alongside an outsider protagonist (who would function as a plot device — having no knowledge about the location, the character and viewers would encounter the new world of Season 6 together). There is of course also the fact that if you flip the logo on its head, it looks like a person being hung, which brings it into even darker territory. But obviously this is pure speculation. Reactions on Twitter were united by the same emotion dominating us all: unbridled confusion.

Same, Alix. Same.

Can anyone help us? Given that they're currently filming, I guess we're a long way off seeing how this logo connects to the themes of Season 6. But one thing's for sure: it's going to be as chilling as the show is itself.