Calvin Harris Poses With Women On Snapchat, But It May Not Be What You Think — PHOTOS

Anyone who follows Calvin Harris on Snapchat probably noticed that the guy shared an eyebrow-raising image on the app on Tuesday. "Eyebrow-raising" in the sense that the selfie was a photo of a shirtless Harris, on a yacht, surrounded by "a bevy of beautiful girls," Us Weekly reports. This is news-worthy, of course, because it is right in the midst of the Hiddleswift worldwide romance — a relationship made public just weeks after Taylor Swift and Harris announced the end of their 15-month relationship. Therefore, as Swift and Tom Hiddleston continue their world tour of love (the two are currently in Rome), it makes sense as to why many were speculating that the reason Harris Snapped the selfie was in order to make Swift jealous. But hold up: Things may not be as obvious as they seem.

First of all, in addition to that "bevy" of women, Harris was also on board the yacht with longtime friend and music video director Emil Nava — and Harris shared a selfie with him as well. Also in attendance, according to Us, was John Newman, whom the Scottish DJ is reportedly working on a new song with. And then there's the fact that Harris captioned the original selfie "I write songs." Could it be that this is actually a "workcation"? With the songwriting hints and a music video director on board, it seems likely that Harris is working on new music — or a new music video.

This all comes on the heels of alleged, now-deleted comments that Harris made in response to Swifties on Instagram. After one fan accused him of being "jealous" of T. Swift's new romance, Harris allegedly replied: "not jealous sir, FREE." He also allegedly stated that he's "not sad at all."

While I'm the last person to "defend" Harris (his reasoning behind adopting his stage name in the first place will forever bother me), I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Sure, he could be posing with the women in some lame-ass attempt to get his ex's attention or make headlines, but it seems more likely — what with all of the hints that he dropped and the fact that he is traveling with a music video director and songwriter on board — that this is more of a work-related vacay. And probably one in relation to the "new song" the DJ is working on with John Newman.