'The BFG' In 3D Could Provide Some Extra Excitement To An Action-Packed Movie

Everyone's favorite giant (Hagrid is a half-giant, OK?) the BFG is being brought to life this summer in the eagerly anticipated adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG. Helmed by my personal fav, Steven Spielberg, The BFG uses motion capture to create the big friendly giant on the silver screen. With the title character played by Oscar winner Mark Rylance, I couldn't think of a better choice for the friendly fellow. And interestingly, as Hollywood is wont to do, it seems that you have a choice of how you want to view The BFG. Along with a regular viewing experience, you can also choose to see The BFG in 3D, although it's up to you if the experience is worth the extra cost.

In general, I understand that viewing in 3D can be off-putting. A chore, even. Especially, if like myself, you are visually impaired and aren't too keen on wearing 3D glasses over your own glasses. What would Tim Gunn say? Luckily for you, I did some sleuthing to see if it was indeed necessary to see The BFG in 3D or if you would be fine viewing the movie in the regular way, and while ultimately, the decision is simply about what your movie-watching preference is, I did find some information that might prove helpful if you're stuck between options.

With a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's safe to assume that The BFG is a delightful movie that might just do the book justice, but that doesn't answer the question of whether or not The BFG would be brought to justice in 3D and what, specifically, would be enhanced by the 3D. While reviews for the film have focused more on the movie's use of CGI to create the giants, rather than its use of 3D, the do provide some insight. For instance, in his review for USA Today, Brian Truitt wrote that "while the BFG himself is a remarkable special effect, there are a few CGI stumbles inserting a little girl into his world and trying to make it look real." So while the CGI perhaps isn't the best it's been, that could simply mean that the movie's use of 3D is better than the norm, in other to make up for any other visual issues the film might be facing.

So while I don't believe seeing The BFG in 3D is an absolute must or anything hugely groundbreaking, it could add an element of allure into the movie and provide some gorgeous visuals. Ultimately, I do think it'll be a personal choice if you choose to view The BFG in 3D or don't, and whatever option you pick, I'm sure that it won't take away from all of the whimsy and excitement of the film.

Images: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures