Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back To Stores For Summer 2016, Bringing '90s Nostalgia To Max Capacity

'90s soda fans, rejoice! It looks like Crystal Pepsi is back in stores for the summer. That's right: That see-through soda from the internet's favorite decade will be available for purchase for a limited time only. PepsiCo confirmed to AdAge that, as of July 7, Crystal Pepsi will be available in stores in Canada, with the United States release date set for Aug. 8. The soda will available for eight weeks, which is a good bit more time than when Crystal Pepsi returned for a limited release last year. Anyone else remember that?

No? Well, then, let me refresh your memory: In December of 2015 Crystal Pepsi briefly returned via an online sweepstakes. PespsiCo selected 13,000 winners to each receive a Crystal Pepsi six-pack for their own enjoyment. Alas, I was one of many who was unable to secure a pack of Crystal Pepsi for myself; as such, I don't think I'm alone in saying that it left me thirsting for a crystal-clear refresher. This time, though, it'll be much easier to grab a cold Crystal Pepsi: According to a press release, they'll be available at major retailers for $1.79 a pop.

Also in line with the '90s nostalgia angle, Pepsi is releasing an Oregon Trail-inspired Crystal Pepsi game you can play online. The game, called "Travel The Crystal Pepsi Trail" will be released as of July 7, so we have something to look forward to in our post-Fourth of July festivities. According to PRNewsWire, you'll be able to access it by going to once it goes live.

Many kids who grew up during the '90s fondly remember enjoying Crystal Pepsi right alongisde our Lunchables and Dunkaroos. What was the appeal, exactly? Not unlike other clear sodas of the time, it looked like the kinds of drinks our tastebuds usually experienced as lemon-lime, but tasted like cola. It was a novelty, and as we all know, the '90s were one of the high points for food-related novelty. Crystal Pepsi was far from the only clear cola on the market — Tab Clear also hit the scene during the '90s — but although the trend never quite caught on, it's still often seen as one of the defining cultural moments of the '90s.

Perhaps nostalgia is impacting our tastebuds? Either way, it seems like this time we'll all have a chance to drink up again soon!

Image: Courtesy of PepsiCo