9 Potential Targaryen Names For Jon Snow On 'GoT'

Aren't you glad that this year's big Game of Thrones mystery isn't death-centric, for once? Instead of panicking over the loss of a beloved hero (no disrespect to the characters who did die in Season 6), we instead have a fun guessing game — what is Jon Snow's Targaryen name on Game of Thrones ? HBO has confirmed that Jon is Lyanna and Rhaegar's son, and since the Season 6 finale showed Lyanna whispering "his name is..." and then muffled audio, he likely has a given name that connects him to the identity of his true parents.

Personally, I think it makes most sense for Jon Snow's name to start with the "Rhae" Targaryen stem. Lyanna had to convey a lot of information about Jon Snow's importance in a very short amount of time. For that reason, I think his name needs to convey his father's exact identity and the circumstances under which he was born. If Lyanna named Jon after Rhaegar, that would signal to Ned that she wasn't kidnapped and raped after all — if that is indeed what happened.

However, Rhaegar already had a daughter named after him, Rhaenys, with Elia Martell. Their other child was Aegon, who as book readers know may have resurfaced as a character named Young Griff. I have theorized before that Jon Snow is taking Aegon Targaryen's storyline — would it be too wild if they had the same name? In that event, here are nine other options and theories for Jon's real name.

1. Jaehaerys Targaryen

That's what many fans think Lyanna's lips are mouthing. It's also the only popular Targaryen name that begins with the letter "J," like Jon Snow. In A Song of Ice And Fire history, King Jaehaerys I famously fought the Faith Militant, and King Jaehaerys II fought to end incestuous marriages. This name may be new to the HBO series, but it carries weight. Perhaps he was also named after his aunt. Daenerys and Jaehaerys do go pretty well together.

2. Aemon Targaryen

Other keen lip readers think they see "A" and "M" in the mystery name. Considering that Maester Aemon of the Night's Watch (previously Aemon Targaryen) was such a good friend to Jon, Sam, and Gilly — it would be incredibly sweet and fitting for Jon to have his name.

3. Daemon Targaryen

I'm just suggesting this because it it would look similar to Aemon and, after rising from the dead, one could argue that Jon Snow is a demon of sorts. Or, for His Dark Materials fans out there, wouldn't you consider Ghost to be Jon Snow's dæmon? Daenerys and Daemon is also a nice-sounding pair.

4. Rhaemon Targaryen

Again, that would incorporate the "A" and the "M" that seems to be there and it would incorporate Rhaegar's name as well. Everybody loves Rhaemon, am I right? Sorry, I couldn't help it.

5. Jaemon Targaryen

That's the last one, I promise! But hey, take out the "aem" and what do you get, hmm??

6. Aerys Targaryen

Please, no, although naming the heroic Jon Snow after the Mad King would be almost too fitting for this often twisted series. Plus, I have this weird feeling that when all is said and done on Game of Thrones, things will oddly be back to the way they started before Robert's Rebellion. Having an Aerys on the throne would complete that.

7. Baelor Targaryen

My reasoning for this one gets deep. Not only is "Baelor" the name of the episode in which Ned Stark was beheaded, but it is also the name of the sept that Cersei just made go boom.

8. Jaegar Targaryen

This would be a new name, as far as A Song of Ice and Fire history goes, but I kinda like it, and not just because of Pacific Rim.

9. Rhaegard Targaryen

It's so important that Jon Snow is a Stark, and while this name is clunky, it has a bit of Rhaegar and a bit of Eddard in it, which I like. That's how Daenerys named Rhaego, her child with Khal Drogo. This one is my personal favorite, though all of these names are valid before the secret of Jon's name is revealed. The important thing is that Jon Snow is, officially and forever, a Targaryen now. Fire and blood forever!

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy (9)