What Day Is The Fourth Of July 2016? Get Ready To Enjoy A Long Weekend

It's time to celebrate — the Fourth of July is coming up, and it's the perfect day to be outside with family and friends and celebrate the day that we officially adopted the Declaration of Independence. But since the Fourth of July happens on, well, the fourth of July every year, it can often be difficult to figure out what day of the week this celebration falls on. When is the Fourth of July in 2016, and why are people really embracing it more than ever this year?

This year, the Fourth of July falls on a Monday, also known as the worst day of the week (next to Sunday, since typically people dread the upcoming Monday on Sunday night — and hey, Game of Thrones just ended its season, so there's nothing that really makes Sunday night special anymore.) But this time around, Monday is actually kind of great for a large majority of people. For those of you who work in an office that considers the Fourth a special holiday, you'll likely have the day off, extending your weekend by a day. But while it's a federal holiday (meaning that schools and government-run organizations will be closed — so, no mail today) those who work in companies that don't shut down will likely see it as yet another Monday — with, perhaps, some leftover hot dogs and late night fireworks displays.


Of course, with three day holiday weekends, traffic is definitely something to consider — especially for those who choose to celebrate at the beach. According to US News, about 41.9 million people traveled at least 50 miles to enjoy some fun, Fourth of July festivities. Having the day extend the weekend will likely inspire more people to leave the house and celebrate America.

The first Fourth of July took place in 1776 on a Thursday, after Jefferson's written version of the Declaration of the Independence, which established freedom from Great Britain, took effect. The next time we'll be celebrating the Fourth of July on a Monday is in 2022, and after that, 2033. So, those who will be enjoying the three day weekend should definitely make the most of it — it'll be a while before this happens again.

Images: Giphy, Pixabay