Clues That 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Will Involve Hanna Being A Killer

The Liars are a lot of things — perpetually dishonest, for one — but the one thing that they haven't been thus far is killers. Sure, technically Aria killed Shana, and yes Emily did stab Nate, but both of those things were done in self defense — the Liars would never really hurt someone if they had any other option, right?! That's what we've believed up until now, but given the way Season 7 is going, there's a possibility that one of our beloved Liars could end the season as a murderer. Right now, it looks like a specific Liar might have done something awful — or will do something awful, once the show catches up to its Season 7 flash-forward. I think Hanna might kill someone in Pretty Little Liars Season 7, mostly because the show is already dropping major clues at her potential fate.

Hanna has been accused of killing someone before (remember when everyone thought she helped Alison murder Mona?) but it's not like Hanna has ever really earned the title of murderer. Don't get me wrong: I don't think that Hanna is flipping her switch and becoming a cold-blooded killer in the next few episodes, but I do think that a certain circumstance could make it possible for her to hurt someone with intent. Could Hanna be responsible for the body that the Liars are burying in the woods? It's totally possible, and here are the subtle clues that the show has dropped suggesting it's true:

1. Hanna Isn't Digging In The Woods With The Liars

If you watched the premiere episode of Season 7 terrified that the Liars might be burying Hanna's body in the woods during their four-day flashforward, you were likely relieved to find out that wasn't the case. Now that we know Hanna is OK (at least, we hope she's not in another life or death situation just days after escaping her last one) it's strange that she's not burying the body with the Liars. It's worth noting that the Liars never say that they killed anyone — Aria specifically says "how could we let this happen?" when referring to the burial, which implies a lack of responsibility.

2. Aria Says "Poor Hanna" While Digging In The Woods


If Hanna isn't the dead body the Liars are digging a hole for, then why does Aria's mind immediately go to Hanna? Maybe it's because the hole that they are digging is for someone that Hanna accidentally killed. It could be another Shana/Aria situation, in which Hanna felt like she had to kill someone in order to protect herself or her friends. However, there's always the possibility that Hanna's potential act of murder wasn't so necessary, as Spencer declares this situation as "first-degree murder."

3. Hanna Has "Dollhouse Eyes"

After Hanna is rescued, Spencer tells Emily to keep an eye on Hanna because she has "dollhouse eyes," aka the same look she had when she was in Charlotte's torture chamber. Could that be a clue that Hanna is anything but OK? If she's not dealing well with her kidnapping, it could cause her to lash out in unexpected ways — especially against someone she thought responsible for her latest torture. If Hanna found herself face to face with someone who she thought might be Uber A, it's very possible that she could attack them first out of perceived self-defense.

4. Hanna's Fate Changes The Season Moving Forward

According to showrunner I. Marlene King's interview with TVLine prior to the Season 7 premiere, "Hanna’s fate really informs the rest of the season moving forward." Since Hanna's very much alive, what fate could King be referring to? Could it be Hanna's mental state now that yet another mysterious person has kidnapped and tortured her? Hmm...

5. Hanna Is Making All Sorts Of Reckless Decisions These Days


Hanna showed up to Jordan's office in New York for a little roleplay action, only for Hanna to dump him mere minutes later without much explanation. Hanna's brain seems to be all over the place, which was further proved by her decision to take up Lucas on his offer to build a fashion empire in Rosewood. I'm all for Hanna following her dreams, but it does seem a little odd that she's doing so quickly after being tortured — she hasn't exactly had time to work through her issues. If Hanna isn't dealing with her kidnapping, it could cause her to crack in unexpected ways — potentially dangerous ones.

Only time will tell whether Hanna is the person who put that body in the ground, but one thing's for sure: this season is seriously dark.

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