Will Hanna Kill Someone In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7? This Theory Could Change Everything

After months of nervously awaiting news of Hanna's fate in Pretty Little Liars, fans finally found out what happened to the Liar who put herself up as bait for Uber A in the Season 6 finale. Though a dead Hanna wasn't the body hanging from the ropes in the bell tower during the Season 7 premiere, she was kidnapped by the new villain, and kept (thankfully, alive) in conditions that rival that of Charlotte's demented dollhouse. After hours of being tortured by Uber A (unlike Charlotte, Uber A really does electrocute their victims) Hanna finally managed to escape... only to run right into Mary Drake. Though it seems that Hanna is alive, the Season 7 premiere's flash-forward to Emily, Aria, and Spencer digging a grave in the woods and talking about "first-degree murder" four days after Hanna's kidnapping does not bode well for the Liar — but it might not be because she's marked for death. Could Hanna kill someone in Season 7?

It could be exactly the bait-and-switch that the show is making. If you watch the Season 7 premiere, which begins with the Liars-minus-Hanna digging in the woods, it certainly seems like they're burying a body that the three Liars killed — Spencer's comment about "first-degree murder" should definitely cause fans to envision the Liars in jumpsuits. In fact, Aria's comment about "poor Hanna" have made some fans wonder if the Liars accidentally killed Hanna.

I'm not so convinced that Hanna's dead — in fact, the show seems to heavily imply that she can't be dead, given the flash-forward at the end of Season 6A that showed Hanna storming into Ali's classroom with the other Liars. But if Hanna isn't dead, then why is Aria mentioning her name? Well, maybe it's because, during Hanna's escape from Uber A's clutches, she was forced to commit murder — and, perhaps, she accidentally killed someone innocent.

Though it's unclear how this scenario could play out, I imagine that the Liars are even more ultra suspicious of everyone now that Hanna has been kidnapped by Uber A. Perhaps the Liars believe they have discovered the real identity of Uber A, and Hanna kills this person in order to protect herself. If the Liars were wrong, that means that Hanna would have killed an innocent person — it definitely would qualify as the "biggest mistake" that the Liars have made on the show, which showrunner I. Marlene King promised to show us this season. Maybe the reason that Hanna isn't digging the grave (if that's what the scene really does show) is because she's on the run from the cops.

It's a dark theory, but someone has to be committing murder in Season 7, right? It just wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars without someone burying someone in the ground along with their secrets, and it might be the Liars' turn to do just that.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr