The One ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episode That Made Me Want To Move To Stars Hollow

Ahhh, Stars Hollow. There really is no place like it for Gilmore Girls fans. Full of people they love, memories they cherish, and annual events that provide utter delight, this fictional town where the Gilmores live is just about the best place ever. (I’m a fan, yeah, but totally not biased.) But there was one Gilmore Girls episode that made me want to move to Stars Hollow more than any other — and I don't know if it's because it captured the town’s essence perfectly or if it's because it featured the Stars Hollow townies all together in one place, but I do know it's the episode that made me sit back, sigh, and wish that I could move to Stars Hollow IRL.

Even if there really is no Stars Hollow IRL.

Trust me, I’d live in a fictional world forever if it meant I could have coffee at Luke’s, eating ice cream at Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe, take dance classes at Miss Patty’s, and get my car serviced at Gypsy’s garage. I’d sign away my sanity — and my stake in reality — just for one chance to live among Stars Hollow’s hallowed streets. And the one episode in particular that made me want all of this and more the most was none other than “Bon Voyage." You remember the one: it’s the Season 7 finale — aka, the series finale — which takes place right after Rory’s graduates from Yale, and involves the people of Stars Hollow throwing her a party. In the rain... even though she is minutes away from leaving town, and all of them, for good.

Maybe it’s my sentimental heart that loved this moment so much. After all, the series was ending and Rory’s time in Stars Hollow was too. But, I think it was more than just mushiness making me fall even harder in love with Stars Hollow at this moment. Because even though there have been plenty of events throughout the seasons that have made me wish I lived in Stars Hollow — the corn maze, the live paintings, all of those town meetings — never before did I want to give up my life for good than when everyone was standing under that tent, wishing Rory well.

Because that’s the kind of town Stars Hollow is. It’s more than a town, actually. It’s a family. And every single one of those residents came out to celebrate Rory and all of her achievements in a big way because that is what she was to them. She was family.

In a town like Stars Hollow, everybody is.

Image: Warner Bros. Television (2)