Are Vanessa & Tiffany Rousso Twins? 'Big Brother 18' Already Has Enough Twists

Tiffany Rousso revealed her family secret to Paulie on Big Brother 18, telling him that she's Vanessa's younger sister. Fans of Big Brother might recall that Vanessa competed last season, when she came in third. Other than Da'Vonne, who noted Tiffany's striking resemblance to Vanessa on day one, Michelle is the only other person in the Big Brother house who knows Tiffany and Vanessa are related. Or, she was, until Tiffany decided to let Paulie in on her secret, hoping it would clear the path for a possible alliance of the younger siblings (Paulie, of course, is Cory Calafiore's brother.) Game play aside, Tiffany's striking resemblance to her sister was enough to raise Da'Vonne's suspicions, and that raises mine. Could Tiffany and Vanessa be more than just sisters? Are Big Brother 's Tiffany and Vanessa twins?

After Big Brother's twin twist last season, it wouldn't surprise anybody to find out that there are other houseguests with twins out there. However, Tiffany has been pretty honest with Michelle and Paulie, and she appeared sincere when she told them that she was Vanessa's little sister. She also told Paulie that she and Vanessa were 14 months apart, which explains their closeness in age — according to their official Big Brother bios, Vanessa was 32 when she competed on BB17 last year, and Tiffany is 32 now.

Despite the fact that they aren't twins, some fans still suspect that Tiffany and Vanessa are currently participating in some kind of new take on the twin twist from last season. Vanessa, who has been tweeting her support of her sister since BB18 began, recently polled her followers to ask if any of them thought that she and Tiffany were switching places in the Big Brother house just like Liz and Julia Nolan were last year. Out of the 6,593 people who voted, 28 percent said that they thought Vanessa and Tiffany were pulling one over on the house, and the viewers. "Yall crak me up!" Vanessa tweeted when she saw the results.

It's worth noting that, so far, Tiffany's gameplay has been very different from her sister's. While Vanessa was much more strategic in how she approached her social game, Tiffany seems to be leading with the old "you catch more flies with honey" approach. We'll just have to wait and see which one is more effective in the long run.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS