Google Calendar Is Down & Everyone Is Freaking Out — Here's What We Know So Far

Update: On Thursday, June 30, Google Calendar went down for many users. As of 11:33 a.m. ET, a fix has been put into place and service has been restored for many users. A resolution for all users is expected to be forthcoming. For the latest updates, visit the Google App Status Dashboard page.

Earlier: Bad news for Googlers: It appears that Google Calendar is down, and that Hangouts might be malfunctioning, as well. Mashable reported on Thursday morning that the two popular productivity features are glitching out for many users, throwing an awful lot of us into a tailspin. How will we get anything done now? Google Calendar keeps our lives running! We're lost without it!

The cause of the issue is still unknown; knowing Google, though, they'll likely have the issue resolved soon, although the company has yet to comment on the matter. (Bustle has reached out to Google for more information and will update if/when we hear back.) Still, it's a startling problem for people who rely so heavily on Google's productivity tools. (I know I do!)

The problem doesn't seem to be specific to any geographic area, as complaints are coming in from all over the world via Twitter; additionally, it's worth noting that although many are Calendar or Hangout-less, not everyone is: Upon checking my own accounts, for example, I received an error page for Google Calendar, but Hangouts seems to be business as usual. Users have, however, reported that while Hangouts is working, they're having problems joining and hosting conference calls, according to Mashable.

For the curious, here's what I see when I try to access Google Calendar:

Yikes. That's not too comforting. Regardless, though, the odds of losing your data and signing back in to Calendar to find it completely blank are slim to none, so stay calm! It looks like we all just need to hang tight and wait for an update.

Not sure whether either or both productivity features are down for you? Here's a helpful little tool that you can use: Google provides something called the Apps Status Dashboard. Here, you can check the performance status of all of Google's apps, including Calendar and Hangouts. You'll see that Hangouts is marked by a green circle, meaning "No issues." Calendar is marked by orange, meaning "Service disruption." Mashable notes that there can be a lag in the status reports on the dashboard, though, so you might want to keep checking back for more recent updates.

Images: Fotolia; Megan Grant/Bustle