13 Vegan Fourth Of July Desserts

Summer is in full swing, and one of the most anticipated holidays of the season is finally here: Independence Day. While you probably already know the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner" and the meaning of the American flag, have you figured out what vegan Fourth of July desserts you'll be serving this weekend? After all, this country was founded on the ideal of freedom for all, which means that you and your party guests should have the freedom to celebrate without worrying about dietary restrictions.

When it comes to vegan cooking and baking, the options are a lot more vast than people realize. From frosted cupcakes to layered fudge to fruit-flavored ice cream, no dessert is impossible to make a vegan version of, even Fourth of July ones.

If you have ever thrown or gone to a July Fourth party, then you know what kind of desserts to expect: frozen treats to keep you cool, apple-inspired baked goods to honor America's traditions, and of course, basic chocolate chip cookies. While most of those dishes require ingredients like eggs and milk, there are other vegan friendly options you can try.

From frozen treats to sugary sweets, here are 13 vegan dessert recipes for Fourth of July.

1. Fudgy Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes, the simple desserts are the best, especially when it comes to throwing a party. That's why you can't go wrong with Fo Reals Life's easy fudgy vegan chocolate brownies. Gooey and moist, these will be the most popular item on the dessert table.

2. Vegan Apple & Oat Tartlets

It doesn't get much more American than apple desserts, am I right? Green Kitchen Stories gives you a vegan and gluten-free version to the traditional apple pie with these delicious tartlets. Crispy and bursting with flavor, these apple desserts are like fireworks in your mouth.

3. Blackberry Sorbet

Forget freeze pops — you and your guests deserve something more on Independence Day, like Naturally Ella's blackberry sorbet. Sweet and refreshing, it's an ideal dessert for a hot summer afternoon.

4. Sand Pudding Cups

If a dessert was judged on how it looked, then these sand pudding cups from Daiya would take home the gold medal. Complete with vegan pudding, whipped cream, and plenty of candy of your choosing, vegan desserts don't get much more delicious or adorable than this.

5. Strawberry Lemon Shortcakes

Fresh fruit, creamy yogurt, sweet biscuits — what does this vegan strawberry lemon shortcake dessert not have? Easy to make, this Fo Reals Life dish is one you'll want to make extra of.

6. Peanut Butter Buckeye Balls with Popped Quinoa

Few things go together like peanut butter and chocolate, but what happens when you add quinoa to the mix, like with Naturally Ella's buckeye balls? You get a surprisingly delicious bite-sized dessert. Creamy and sweet, dessert making doesn't get much easier than this.

7. One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

You want to enjoy your Independence Day, not spend the afternoon doing dishes after cooking. Oh She Glows' jumbo chocolate chip cookies only require one bowl and no fancy mixing equipment. A traditional American dessert, these easy to make, quick to bake cookies will be a hit with every party guest, vegan or not.

8. Cinnamon Maple Caramel Popcorn

A light and sweet snack you can munch on all cookout long, Cookie and Kate's maple caramel popcorn is a blend of salty and sweet. Naturally sweetened, this dessert, which can be made with any nut butter of your choice, is a healthier alternative to typical desserts.

9. Three-Layer Nut-Free Dream Cups

These Dream Cups from Oh She Glows are just that — a dream. Aptly named, they combine coconut, maple, and chocolate flavors to create a small heavenly treat.

10. Chocolate Cupcakes and Avocado Icing

Does your love for avocados know no bounds? Then Love & Lemons' chocolate cupcakes with avocado frosting might be for you. Creamy and buttery just like your favorite green food, these cupcakes are rich, chocolaty crowd pleasers.

11. No-Bake Espresso Cookies

If you're going to stay up for the fireworks, you're going to need a little caffeine boost. For that, try Naturally Ella's uniquely addicting espresso cookies, which, thankfully, don't require you to turn on an oven on a hot July afternoon.

12. Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

Is there a more perfect dessert for a hot summer afternoon than something frozen? Daiya's vegan Greek yogurt alternative makes it easy to create delicious, healthy, and ice cold treats for all of your guests, complete with fruit mix-ins and natural sweeteners.

13. Healthy Vegan Fudge Pops

Speaking of popsicles, you can't go wrong with Fo Reals Life's fudgy ones. Made with sweet potatoes, milk alternative, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and stevia, these pops might not have typical chocolate in them, but they still manage to have a rich, sweet flavor chocolate lovers will enjoy.

Images: Daiya (2); Fo Reals Life (3); Green Kitchen Stories; Naturally Ella (4); Oh She Glows (2); Cookie and Kate; Love & Lemons