How To Tell If Google Calendar Is Down

I have bad news for pretty much everybody: On Thursday monring, it became clear that Google Calendar was down for many users (although happily, service appears to be returning for some as of this writing). If you're a regular user of Google's productivity tools, you're probably wondering exactly how to tell if Google Calendar is down — besides, you know, just trying to log on and being greeted by an error message. Luckily, though, it's actually pretty easy to confirm whether Google Calendar is experiencing widespread disruptions, or whether it's a problem that might be due to your own personal computer or internet connection.

It isn't clear what's causing the issue yet, although Bustle has reached out to Google and recieved word that the company is currently investigatinf reports of an issue with Google Calendar. (This post will be updated when we hear more.) From the reaction on social media, though, it appears that the disruption impacting Google Calendar users all over the globe — so at least you (probably) aren't going to be the only person in your office late to a meeting because you can't access your calendar. And hey, while you're waiting for Calendar to come back, you could always start that paper planner you've been thinking about just in case something like this happens again, right?

Update: As of 11:33 a.m. ET, on Thursday, June 20, a fix has been put into place and Google Calendar service has been restored for many users. A resolution for all users is expected to be forthcoming. For the latest updates, visit the Google App Status Dashboard page.

Earlier: But back to the matter at hand: How can you tell if Google Calendar is down? The good news is that you have a few options. My personal go-to is the website Is It Down Right Now? Their database is pretty extensive, and as of right now, they do have Google Calendars listed as having been "down" for over an hour. Is It Down Right Now? also features a comments section, which can be handy if you're curious about what could be up with the site you're currently investigating. The most likely possibility for Google Calendar? The server is simply overloaded. We'll ahve to wait to find out whether that's actually the case, but it's certainly plausible.

Your other alternative to checking if Google Calendar is down is a really cool tool offered by Google called the Apps Status Dashboard. The Apps Status Dashboard allows you to check the performance status of all of Google's apps and services, which thankfully includes Google Calendar and Hangouts. Currently, Hangouts is marked by a green circle, meaning "No issues." Calendar, on the other hand, is marked by orange, meaning "Service disruption." According to Mashable, it can take a bit of time for updates to the Apps Status Dashboard to appear, so it's probably a good idea to frequently check back, especially if you're experiencing issues.

As of now, it looks like all we can do is wait! Good luck keeping busy, everybody!