11 Funniest "GCal Is Down" Tweets On Your Dash This Morning

If you hadn't already noticed, Google was a little glitchy today — GCal and Hangouts were not working for about an hour, and professional America was freaking the eff out. And while I sympathized with them — GCal helps a lot of people run their lives — I was immediately more interested in the funny things people were tweeting about the situation, than the situation itself. Because personally, I didn't have any plans to screw up or meetings to miss, so I had no idea the calendar was even down. I only ever look at it to figure out my period and well, nature has as way of sending its own notifications for that event.

Twitter is always my favorite place to go when any sort of large-scale fail is occurring. It becomes an opportunity platform for people to show off their humor. And once a subject starts trending and a hashtag starts becoming popular, the comedy show turns into competition and the Twitterverse becomes a place for people to out-smart and out-joke each other. Which in my opinion, is a good place to be. It's also shows how similar we all are — it's like a bonding experience with strangers across the country.

Though the competition was steep, these were my favorite tweets regarding the brief fall of Gcal — an event that our great grandchildren might learn about in school:

Calling It

Like in grade school when the heat wasn't working and everyone got to go home on a technicality, the GCal fail made people more hopeful that their workday might be cut than it did make them upset that their schedules were screwy.

Apocalypse Now

When technology fails us and we start to spark and malfunction like broken robots...


Because we put our lives in the hands of technology and if it drops us, we're rendered incapable. And to think, once upon a time we kept calendars with pens and papers?!

Lost And Delirious

While GCal was down, the secrets of the universe and the plans for the day were held hostage in cyber space.

Just Came To Say Goodbye Love

That crazy feeling when technology fails and your heart breaks...

Because Chaos

How many offices today were literally smoking with chaos today?

At Least A Two Hour Delay

No one's going to be able to focus on anything else for the rest of the day anyway, maybe offices should just send adults home to watch TV in their pajamas for the rest of the day.

Flake And Binge

Now that you've already missed your morning meetings and screwed up your day, you should totally just go home and watch the rest of Orange Is The New Black.

The Limit Does Not Exist!

Moments like this make people really consider big picture existentialism.

Nobody Move

Are we all on the same page? If technology isn't working, neither are we.

If Only...

Ah, yes, that seems about right. Can't forget that 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. nap, it's clutch.

Image: Pexels