'Breaking Bad' Releases Two New Teasers, But What Do They Mean?

We are less than a month away from the final season premiere of Breaking Bad, but we have yet to see any footage from the anticipated season make its way onto the Internet. Until now.

AMC has released two teaser clips that give us just seconds of footage from part two of Season 5. But, of course, that's all we need to begin our theorizing. Watch below:

televisionpromosdb on YouTube

So what can we gleam from the trailer for Season 5, which premieres Aug. 11? Let's consider:

Jesse's Either Dead or Very Unhappy

The first teaser features Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), unresponsive below what looks like a coffee table. Is Jesse high? Dead? Or just very unhappy? Either way, it brings my soul great sadness — we last saw Jesse trying to quit the meth game in order to begin a stable life, which I was hoping would be full of sober comic relief from Badger and charity work at the local foster home. But not so — though it's hard to tell whether Jesse's back on drugs (is that a bong next to those cigarettes and beer?), it's clear that he's not in a good place. But hopefully that place is not the afterlife. (Also, we know that where there's a cockroach, there's also likely a fly.) Wake up, bitch!

Hank Is On the Prowl

The second teaser features Hank, grabbing the steering wheel like it was a treasured mineral. Fans are speculating about how Walt's brother-in-law will react to the revelation that Walt is indeed Heisenberg — will he beat him? Join him? Part one of Season 5 seemed to point to the former, with Walt on the run from anyone but the waitress serving him a Grand Slam at Denny's. And this new footage seems in line with that theory — Hank's is most certainly the face of a cop whose target was under his nose the whole time. You remember Walt's name all too well, don't you, Hank?

July, just end already!

Image: AMC