'Real Housewives' Tips For Throwing A Party

I would do anything to be a part of the Real Housewives franchise. Sadly, I don't live in any of the cities that the shows film in and I'm not rich and fabulous enough to ever be cast, so I have to settle for living vicariously through the women as I watch from my couch at home. The only other thing I can do to feel like I'm living a Real Housewives style life is to use inspiration from the Real Housewives in aspects of my own life — for instance, throwing a party. These women get dressed up to go to a special event in pretty much every episode, and they all love to be seen and outdo each other when it comes to over the top hosting tactics, so they're the perfect people to channel when having a party.

Yes, I know that it is impossible for me to ever have a Real Housewives sized budget, but there are definitely some things that I have learned from watching the show that anyone can all embody to plan an event that is on their level. Well, I don't think that any of us could actually be on that Real Housewife level of fab, but it is possible to come close, especially if you take the following factors into account.

1. Have A Theme

Every party is a lot more fun when there's a theme, plus it gives the ladies another chance to outdo each other. From the standard Halloween costume parties that have happened on every show, to the white party that Kyle Richards throws on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills every year, to that sex-themed party Tamra Judge had on Real Housewives of Orange County , there is always some sort of theme happening on these shows. A theme party gives you and your friends a chance to do something outside of the norm and provides a unique opportunity for you to step into the spotlight if you have the best themed outfit (which you obviously will).

2. Promote A Product

The women on Real Housewives love making money and getting attention so using a party to promote a product or business is a #TotalRealHousewivesMove. So if you don't have your own business or line of products, just modify the scenario to promote your new job or social media accounts.

3. Hide The Wine Glasses

If your friends are anything like these ladies, then you're going to want to hide the wine glasses just in case some drama goes down and someone wants to pop off in retaliation.

4. Invite A Medium Or Psychic

If you want a little intrigue at your party, but don't want to stir the pot yourself, then bring in a psychic or a medium to start drama and give your friends predictions about their futures.

5. Don't Give Anyone The Evil Eye (Unless You Want Drama)

Unless you really want your party to be chock full of drama, then watch where you look and how you look. Anyone who watches RHOC, knows that giving someone the evil eye is a sure way to ruin a party.

6. Hire Some Strippers

Every time there are strippers at a Real Housewives event, there is always a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some people get really into it and interact with the strippers and others are super uncomfortable. If you want to add some excitement to your party or even use this an experiment in human behavior, hire some strippers.

7. Sing An Original Song

Put the spotlight on yourself or one of your friends and have someone perform a song. There is nothing more hype than a live performance, especially from a singer who less than professional.

8. Support A Charity

Get people together for a good cause instead of just gathering to turn up. This way you all have something positive to focus on instead of trying outdo each other with who has the better outfit or arguing about past drama.

9. Dance Like Everyone's Watching

If you want to have a Real Housewives level party, you're going to need a dance floor and some enthusiastic friends. Get in the middle and dance for your audience and you'll feel just like Camille Grammer.

10. Invite The Right People

I'm a proponent of being inclusive and inviting everyone to a party, otherwise there will automatically be drama with whoever got snubbed. Then again, sometimes including everyone has a way of causing trouble, as well. So for the most part, you can channel a Real Housewives party ambiance no matter who you invite — as long as they are fabulous, of course.

11. Have A Lot Of Alcohol

The Real Housewives incorporate alcohol into just about everything, so if you want to turn up like a Housewife, then make sure the bar is fully stocked.

If you can't be a Real Housewife or invite any of them to your event, channel these elements and you'll feel like you are at a Real Housewives party.

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