'The Purge' Movies Aren't On Netflix But Here's How Else To Get Pumped For 'Election Year'

The new horror movie The Purge: Election Year is in theaters right in time for the Fourth of July. This third installment in The Purge series continues the story of the previous two films, revolving around a ghoulish national tradition in which, one night a year, all crime is legal for twelve hours. Although the premise of the film isn't too hard to grasp, it does feature some characters — and reference some events — from The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy, so there is definitely some benefit to watching the other films first. So, you may be wondering, are The Purge movies on Netflix?

Unfortunately, neither The Purge nor its sequel are available for streaming on Netflix. They are, however, both available on Netflix DVD, if you happen to be a subscriber. But if walking to the mailbox to retrieve a DVD isn't in your foreseeable future (zero judgment— it's hot outside!), you have a few choices. The first option would be to purchase The Purge and/or The Purge: Anarchy from Amazon video for streaming. The second would be to find something comparable to watch on Netflix, so you can feel prepped for the dystopian thriller setup of The Purge: Election Year even if you haven't watched its predecessors. If you want to go with the latter, here are some good options for movies on Netflix that are similar to The Purge.

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This psychological thriller pits a deaf woman who lives alone against a dangerous masked home invader.

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Dead Silence

The antagonist of this 2007 horror film is a dead ventriloquist who possesses her dolls to commit gruesome murders. As if puppets weren't creepy enough on their own.

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Would You Rather

This creepy film features Brittany Snow as a dinner party guest who is forced to partake in a twisted version of the party game "Would you rather?..." — but with deadly consequences.

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Dark Skies

Keri Russell experiences a unique kind of home invasion — of the extraterrestrial variety — in this 2013 sci-fi horror film.

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A group of people are trapped in a room and forced to vote for which of them should be killed in this 2015 psychological thriller.

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Scream 2

Ghostface is back in this sequel to the famous '90s slasher flick.

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As the characters in this movie quickly discover, the only thing worse than being stuck in an elevator with four other people is being stuck in an elevator with four other people when one of them is the devil.

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After whetting your appetite for psychological thrillers with one or more of these movies, you can head to theaters to catch The Purge: Election Year. Enjoy the extra dose of fictional anarchy and real-life AC.

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