Chipotle Is Bringing Chorizo To The Menu In More U.S. Cities, And Here's Hoping Even More Are On The Way Soon

Good news United States-based, meat-eating Chipotle fans: Grab your guac and head for the hot sauce, because the super-popular Mexican chain is making some exciting changes. Starting today, Chipotle is expanding its chorizo menu offerings, with more states now able to enjoy the addition of the spicy sausage in their burritos and salad bowls.

As you might remember, Chipotle originally tested the chorizo option in 33 trial locations in Kansas City, Mo. back at the start of June 2015 (to the rapturous thanks of residents there and cries of envy and woe elsewhere). But it seems the test was a success, and now more of us will be able to enjoy this marvellous, meaty addition to our Chipotle meals. By "more of us," though, I actually mean "a relatively small handful," because only five more cities in the United States will be getting chorizo on the menu: Unless you live in Columbus, Ohio; New York City (specifically Manhattan); Sacramento and San Francisco, Calif.; and Denver, Co., your foil-wrapped meal of wonder will still be sans sausage, according to Delish (via Cosmopolitan). And as always, there's no word on how Europe or other places in the world will fare with this latest menu addition, but fingers crossed that chorizo will be available in the select few restaurants across the pond soon.

Chorizo is a traditional pork sausage which most people believe originated from Spain, although it's also popular in Central and South America. Usually encased in pig intestines, it's made from chicken and pork with cumin and other spices like paprika, which results in one heck of a delicious sausage.


This has been a big week for Chipotle news; the fast-food chain also just confirmed that they will be introducing a special summer rewards program, Chiptopia. Free burritos, tacos and salad bowls are all in the cards for people who join.

Of course, if you're not lucky enough to live in one of the five cities upon which chorizo has been bestowed, you can always try making your own Chipotle snack at home — or, head to your nearest Chipotle, create your favorite combination, bring it home, and then add your own chorizo. Be sure to make the most out of your order, too, with these need-to-know Chipotle hacks. You're so very welcome.

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