Are Spencer & Caleb Still Together On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Spaleb Could Be Coming To An End

Romantic relationships on Pretty Little Liars have never been what you'd call easy, especially when a mysterious stalker is constantly trying to ruin your life. So it's natural for some of the Rosewood couples to experience a few ups and downs, however, Tuesday night's episode "Bedlam," has me seriously questioning whether or not Spencer and Caleb are still together on Pretty Little Liars . We knew that things were bound to get rocky, given Hanna and Caleb's steamy kiss in the Season 6 finale, but it may end up extending far beyond a brief moment of weakness, at least from Caleb's end of things.

Shortly after Hanna was safe and sound back inside Lucas' loft, Caleb had a chance to speak with her about what happened. But rather than it resulting in another steamy lip-lock, Hanna insisted that they'd just slipped back into old habits for a moment and that was it. Caleb was clearly disappointed and Spencer could sense that something was wrong. Fearing that it somehow involved their relationship, she decided to ask Caleb if he thought the two of them made a mistake ever getting together and his response was less than encouraging. "No, no we didn't. Whatever we did, it wasn't a mistake. It was real," he insisted, to which Spencer retorted, saying, "So why are you talking about it in the past tense?"

The hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, also have some thoughts on the Haleb/Spaleb love triangle, Dr. Rollins theories, and more, which you can listen to below.

Of course, Spaleb were interrupted by a series of text message before the discussion of their relationship really had a chance to get underway, but it definitely feels like in Caleb's mind, whatever thing that was going on between him and Spencer has now come to a close. He may not have realized it himself before she pointed out his whole past tense faux pas, but now that he has, Team Spaleb could be officially dunzo. And quite honestly, I'll be relieved if that really is the case, and not just for the reason that you think.

True, I've never been a big Spaleb supporter to begin with, so I'm happy at any prospect that puts them back into the friend zone. But personal preferences aside, I think it's also important for the relationship to come to an end for Spencer's own good. After Hanna pretty much rejected him, Caleb begrudgingly went back to Spencer. And while I love Caleb with all of my heart, Spencer definitely deserves better than to be someone's second choice. I don't think he was doing it on purpose, mind you, but it still wasn't a good scenario and felt really awkward.

Nothing may have gotten resolved by the end of their conversation, but I feel like it's only a matter of time before the two of them decide to officially call it quits. The silence that filled the air between them speaks volumes for their future as a couple. And even though this doesn't necessarily mean Haleb will immediately get back together, I think their latest interaction only further proves who really still has the key to Caleb's heart.

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