Jill Stein's Stance On Gun Control Is Progressive

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have dominated the discussion on gun control since the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12, the two presumptive nominees of the major parties are not the only ones running for president this year — or the only two candidates with a clear stance on gun violence in America. Dr. Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket, and she believes in tight gun control.

This probably does not come as a major surprise, seeing as how, although the Green Party is a third party, its stances are considered to be more aligned with the Democratic establishment than that of the Republican Party. That being said, unlike the two major parties' presumptive nominees, Stein does not include gun control reform or regulation on her Green Party presidential campaign website. Instead, she focuses on what she calls the "Power to the People Plan." This plan does not specifically mention gun control, but the Green Party has promoted nonviolence since it began in 1984.

Furthermore, according to On the Issues, Stein has openly shared her pro-gun-control beliefs in the past. She has often called for much tighter restrictions on gun sales, including background checks, tighter local regulations on gun sales, and a ban on assault rifles in the United States. Additionally, when Stein addresses gun control, she often brings up mental health. She wants to ensure that people with mental health issues have access to care, but are prevented from buying guns. In an interview with On the Issues in 2011, Stein said, "It is more dangerous to the occupants of a home to have a gun than not."

However strong her stance on gun control may be, the fact that Stein does not discuss the issue on her website may discourage some voters. Yet Stein represents a third party, and therefore it's not surprising that her main issues are different from those of Clinton and Trump, who represent the two main political parties — and therefore must address certain topics, such as gun control. Regardless, for progressive Americans considering a third-party candidate, Jill Stein's overall position on guns should not disappoint.