Who Is Tom Felton Playing On 'The Flash'? The 'Harry Potter' Alum Is Joining The Arrowverse

It looks like Draco Malfoy is slithering to The CW. Thursday afternoon TVLine.com confirmed that Tom Felton will be going to join Season 3 of The Flash as a series regular. True, it's not the British actor's first foray into television, but it's a huge deal for Felton to make a home at (another) thriving franchise. The big question is, though, will his role be as recognizable as the Harry Potter baddie, or is it some rando in The Flash's upcoming Flashpoint franchise? Just who is Tom Felton playing on The Flash ?

According to the initial report, Felton will be playing Julian Dorn, a crime scene investigator who has suspicions about his Central City Police Department colleague Barry Allen. (Which is crazy because how can you notice things like split-second speed?! Beyond that, it's not certain how Felton's character will impact the upcoming Flashpoint story arc. As a refresher, Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book revival that had Barry creating an alternate timeline by going back in time and saving his mother... which is essentially what happened in the Season 2 finale when Flash's Barry went back in time and (spoiler Alert!) killed Reverse Flash to save Nora. In the original comics this led to a world where the DC super heroes were warring with each other, so to add Felton into the mix... well, it's fair to say that things have the potential to get dark.


Anyway, aside from his film career as the whiniest wizard in the land, Felton has a decent chunk of television experience. His first TV guest spot occurred around the Harry Potter era in 1998, when he made an appearance on the BBC One show, Bugs. Beyond that, Felton has had a penchant for short-term television runs: he played Viscount Trencavel in the two part miniseries Labyrinth, and in 2014 Felton had a season one stint on TNT's anthology series Murder in the First. Certainly Flash (a full-blown television series) looks like a slightly more committal gig, but the weirdness of the Flashpoint arc could make for an short tenure. After all, how long do people make a home in an alternate timeline?

Felton is reported to make his debut early in The Flash's this season which kicks off on October 4, 8 pm EST. I guess we'll have to hold out until then to get some solid answers, but suffice to say we're really interested to see Felton make his transition from the Potterverse to the Arrowverse, regardless of how long his stay should be.

At press time, it's uncertain if Draco's father has heard about this.

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