11 Patriotic Red, White, And Blue Dessert Ideas

It's hard to believe that just 240 years ago, America became its own free nation. Man, time flies. So while we celebrate our Independence Day this weekend, let's also embrace our shared love of all things sweet with some patriotic red, white, and blue desserts. Because nothing says, "America is pretty great, thanks," like having all the sugary treats you want while sippin' on some tea. (Maybe while also watching baseball or Bill Pullman's pre-alien war speech in Independence Day. Either works, really.)

And there is truly nothing like the Fourth of July. It is smack dab in the middle of summer, and you are likely surrounded by friends, grilled food on sticks, and blended beverages. It is a glorious occasion, that should also include all the treats. Besides, 2016 in America has been an endless stream of WTF-ness (good and bad) since the clocks hit midnight, so we all deserve a little extra sweetness right about now. We've earned those cupcakes and cookies and pies.

So now that you are ready to charge head-first into the dessert table with a flag shirt and a look of unwavering determination, here are 11 red, white, and blue dessert ideas for Fourth of July:

1. Red, White, And Blue Layered Finger Jell-O

Well if this isn't the coolest looking patriotic snack ever, am I right? Brown Eyed Baker has created these layered Jell-O blocks, and I kind of want to eat them for every meal now.

2. Red, White, And Blue Pie Parfaits

Pie might be the greatest dessert of all (sorry cheesecake), but when faced with an entire pie, how on Earth do you just eat one slice? These adorable pie parfaits from Dessert Now Dinner Later are the perfect size, and so so cute.

3. Red Velvet Fourth Of July Cupcakes

Your Cup of Cupcakes has created these simple, yet elegant cupcakes for Independence Day, and now I can think of eating nothing else.

4. Red, White, And Blue Trifle

Unlike the peas-and-onions disaster trifle that Rachel makes on Friends, this one from The Kitchn looks and tastes like heaven. Also, it's really pretty. Like, really really pretty.

5. Fourth Of July Tie-Dyed Fudge

Well, Taste and Tell has done it by making a sweet treat so beautiful that I almost don't want to eat it. I'd rather carry it around all day to match my outfit. Nah, I'll probably still eat it immediately.

6. Brownie And Fruit Kebabs

So technically, these dessert kebabs from Mel's Kitchen are red, white, blue, and brown, but chocolate is always a welcome addition... to anything. So whatevs.

7. Red, White, And Blue Whoopie Pies

Is there ever a time when you're not in the mood for a whoopie pie? Me either. I'm always ready for one, or two, or five. And these from Dessert Now Dinner Later look like they'd do just the trick.

8. Red, White, And Blue Peppermint Patties

When making homemade desserts, I always forget that candy is an option. These patriotic peppermint patties from Mom on Time Out are gorgeous on display, and make excellent finger foods.

9. Red, White, And Blue Baked Doughnuts

Who doesn't love doughnuts? And with the new trend of color-dyeing the dough, doughnuts have seriously never been more gorgeous. Especially these from Taste and Tell.

10. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Dessert Now Dinner Later knocked it out of the park for this one. So simple, so delicious, and so perfect for parties.

11. Red, White, And Blue Sparkler Cookies

If you're looking for a super easy dessert to make that is also perfect for a party, this is the one. The best part about these cookies from Mom on Time Out is that you can use any colored sugar and make them for every holiday.

Image: The Kitchn, Dessert Now Dinner Later (3), Brown Eyed Baker, Taste and Tell (2), Mel's Kitchen, Mom on Time Out (2)