Dany Isn't Cersei's Biggest Enemy On 'GoT'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Now that you are starting to power down from the insane Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, it's time to begin the 10-month long wait for a new season. As sad as fans are to be without the weekly GoT fix, now we have all the time in the world to theorize and speculate upon what might happen in Game of Thrones Season 7. Isn't that what Game of Thrones fans do best? Of course it is. Well, one of the big questions on peoples minds is who will be the one to take down Queen Cersei? Will Daenerys kill Cersei in Season 7?

Well, sure, I think it would be fun to see one queen, who most still consider to be one of the "good guys" (although, I think that particular role of hers is being called into question lately), put an end to the über villain, Cersei. Will it be truly satisfying though? Does it make the most sense? I'm not so sure. After all, Cersei has an unbelievable amount of enemies at the moment. Even though she is finally sailing towards Westeros, I feel like Daenerys may even be the least of Cersei's problems.

Here is why I don't foresee Daenerys killing Cersei on Game Of Thrones.

It Wouldn't Be As Satisfying

Hear me out here. Sure, I love to see Dany create big spectacles and her new mottos seem to be, "Burn them to the ground" and, "Let's just kill them" (incidentally, she's starting to sound a lot like Cersei's inner monologue), but would it truly be satisfying? No, it wouldn't. Daenerys has never even met Cersei. She has no personal beef with her. She probably even has more of a beef with Jaime, considering he was the one who killed her father, King Aerys. Cersei is just an obstacle that is standing in the way of Dany sitting on that Iron Throne. There are about a zillion more people that would make Cersei's death a satisfying event. Lady Olenn just lost her son and grandchildren by Cersei's hand, Sansa was put through hell under Cersei and Joffrey, Arya obviously lost her entire family to a Lannister plot and the ladies in Dorne lost Oberyn to Cersei's champion Mountain. That's just a list of better options off the top of my head.

Cersei's Prophecy

Let's be real here, Maggy the Frog was legit. Almost all of her prophecy has so far come true for our new Queen. She said that Cersei would have three kids and that all three of them would die — yup, that happened thanks to Tommen's flying leap in the finale. She also said that a younger, more beautiful queen would come along and mess with her (I'm paraphrasing here), well Margaery sure did that and we have Dany and Sansa as options for that too.

Now, in the books there is a third part of the prophecy. Maggy says, "When your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale throat and choke the life from you." Valonqar is High Valyrian for "little brother." This obviously points to Tyrion first in most people's minds, but not so fast. There are rampant rumors that Tyrion is actually a Targaryen, so that may muddy those waters a little bit. The more interesting choice would be Jaimie. He is said to be the younger of the twins. This would make him technically her little brother. Now that Cersei has successfully had a hand in killing his last child, and just succeeded in doing the very thing he killed Mad King Aerys for even threatening to do, he has all the reason in the world to end her reign of terror.

Dany Doesn't Have The Advantage

Dany has been walking around, lighting people on fire and just taking things because she wants them. It's seemed to be pretty easy for her up to this point, but that could really change once she gets to King's Landing. Sure, Dany seems to be immune to fire, but does that include wildfire? I mean, wildfire was created by alchemists and is unlike any other chemical agent in that world, it seems. The destruction it causes is very different than the destruction that regular ol' flames cause. Just look at the Battle of Blackwater or Cersei's finale insanity at the Sept of Baelor. I think Dany may have met her fiery match.

I'm fairly certain that it won't be Daenerys who kills Cersei on Game of Thrones. I just feel like there are better options and Dany isn't necessarily a match for Cersei yet. She may end up like her father if she doesn't chill out and she's walking into a situation where her fireproof superpower may not do her any good. I guess we will have to wait and see in Season 7.

Images: HBO(3) ; Helen Sloan/HBO