Jaime May Lead To Cersei's Demise On 'GoT'

Cersei Lannister brought down the house in the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones by literally burning down the house (errr, burning down the Great Sept of Baelor). But, just because Cersei has the Iron Throne all to herself does not mean she is safe — and she could find a foe in none other than her brother and lover Jaime Lannister. He arrived to King's Landing just in time to see his twin sister be crowned queen, but Jaime looked understandably wary at this monumental event going down. While viewers don't know if Jaime knows the circumstances surrounding Tommen's death yet, he certainly knows his son is dead since Cersei was taking over the role of leading Westeros, so could Jaime kill Cersei in Game of Thrones Season 7? It's quite possible that he might be finished with his sister's ruthlessness since it destroyed their family, and it could lead to even more deadly consequences for the incestuous Lannister clan in Season 7.

Even if you aren't up on the A Song of Ice and Fire book theory about Jaime killing Cersei (which is part of a plot point not used in the TV series), anyone could see that Jaime was more than displeased at seeing his twin sister and lover taking her place on the Iron Throne in "The Winds of Winter." Jaime was sent away by his nephew-son (or should it be "son-nephew"?) King Tommen to deal with the Blackfish. Helping out the Freys was a relatively simple task for Jaime, but when he came back to King's Landing, he discovered that Cersei had caused mass chaos. She blew up the sept with wildfire and killed Margaery, Loras, Lord Tyrell, their Uncle Kevan, and the High Sparrow — not to mention, she orchestrated the murders of Grand Maester Pycelle and cousin Lancel. Seeing the sept destroyed and knowing that his wife was dead, little boy Tommen killed himself by falling out his window, reminiscent of Jaime pushing little boy Bran from the window in the first episode of Game of Thrones ever.

Karma is a bitch and now Jaime and Cersei have lost all three of their children to death, just like Maggy the Frog predicted to a young Cersei back in Season 5. While Jaime could be blamed for not saving Myrcella when she died in the Season 5 finale, Cersei can most certainly be blamed for Tommen's death since she was too busy exacting revenge on Septa Unella to make sure her youngest son wouldn't freak out upon seeing most of his world literally destroyed. When Jaime does find out how Tommen died, he could be so full of resentment and rage that he considers killing Cersei. Normally, I'd say the idea of Jaime killing Cersei is bonkers, but did you see his face when she was being crowned? Hot damn.

I won't even pretend to understand the relationship between Jaime and Cersei and how they somehow found love in a hopeless place, but I'm not sure their crazy incestuous bond will get them through the loss of their third and final child. Yeah, losing Joffrey was sad or whatever for Cersei (and totally joyful for everyone else) and Myrcella was a devastating loss for Jaime in particular since he was holding her in his arms, but Tommen was their last hope. Although he cast out his father by following the orders of the High Sparrow, he was a sweet boy whose mother single-handedly destroyed him. Cersei appeared to accept the inevitability of her last child dying and instead of her typical mourning, she was shown taking over the kingdom. That's real cold — even for Cersei (and even if she was grieving on the inside) — and I think Jaime recognizes that Cersei has gone too far for power this time around.

While I don't think Jaime will kill Cersei right away in Season 7, if his brother Tyrion and Daenerys make it to King's Landing, Jaime could do what he's infamous for and kill Cersei during the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. Although it still may be a long shot, it would certainly be fitting that Cersei was murdered by her twin brother. Plus, Queenslayer has definitely got a ring to it.

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