'Bach' Star Alex Could Be Single... Maybe

OK, guys — time is ticking down on The Bachelorette, and I just need to know who wins. I can’t wait anymore, and I don’t trust the spoilers because boy, have they been wrong before. Instead, I’ve resorting to snooping in my free time through the social media of the contestants to see who is flying solo and who is happily engaged to JoJo. My next contestant to social media stalk? Alex Woytkiw, the Marine with a heart of gold (and Chad Johnson’s probable worst enemy in the house). Is Alex single after The Bachelorette? Or is he chilling in a safe house with JoJo as I type these words?

Alex’s journey on The Bachelorette thus far has been just the tiniest but dramatic. Alex didn’t get along with Chad from oh, the very first night, and these two butted heads on everything until Chad was ousted on a two-on-one date. The companion, besides JoJo, on that date? Alex. Yikes. That was seriously the tensest two-on-one date in Bachelor or Bachelorette history, and I remember Kelsey’s eyes boring a whole through Ashley I.’s head on Chris Soules’ season. It was ugly. Chad’s gone, though, and Alex can focus just on his reason for being on the show — JoJo.

Unfortunately, after much perusing, I can tell you that his social media tells me virtually nothing about his relationship status. Is Alex single? Well, you’d have to ask Alex. He could be texting sweet nothings to JoJo, or he could be playing the field. I just can’t tell. He's keeping the secrets of the show well. But, there are a few things that I could deduce via Alex’s Instagram.

He Hangs With His Family

Alex said in his initial interview that he was inspired to be on The Bachelorette because his twin brother, Adam, had found the love of his life and Alex wanted to have the same. So why not go on a reality show, I guess? Alex, Adam, and Adam’s wife, Sarah, are together all the time — I like a big, cohesive family unit, and Alex certainly has one.

He Should Be Making Some Cash Modeling

And, if he's not, he should be. A lot of his Instagram shots look like they've been taking by a professional, and I hope he's building a portfolio of work. Not only is Alex ridiculously good-looking, as Zoolander would put it, but he's also really nice. Who wouldn't want to work with a handsome, nice Marine model? Who wouldn't want to date a handsome, nice Marine model? These are the questions I have.

He Spends A Lot Of Time With Puppies

Adam and Sarah have two silver lab puppies, and it looks like Uncle Alex gets plenty of time playing with them. They're very adventurous dogs, hiking and swimming with Alex by their side. It's the perfect way to have a dog or two — you play with them and then their mom and dad (aka Alex's brother and his wife) have to pick up the poop and stuff. Good plan, Alex.

He Hates Milk

Sorry Chad.

So, is Alex single? I have no idea. But, I can tell he's having a lot of fun.

Images: Veronica Gambini/ABC; giphy