Chad Isn't The Worst On 'The Bachelorette'

This season of The Bachelorette has pegged one man as its villain: Chad Johnson. He was violent, loud, boisterous, obnoxious, and he sure liked to eat sweet potatoes and lunchmeat. Now, while Chad’s behavior was inappropriate at best on The Bachelorette, I think a lot more was made of his craziness than of the other men, and I actually think that Alex is worse than Chad on The Bachelorette.

With Chad, I think you know what you get. He puts it all out there, and he’s not afraid to fight or to have people yell at him. He gets what he gets because he probably will get upset. But Alex, Alex is sneakier in his infighting. He clashed with Chad, and that all seemed like Chad was the bad guy. On Chad and Alex’s two-on-one date, it was like Alex slayed Goliath when Chad went home. But Alex’s bad behavior and pettiness continued after Chad’s departure. For instance, when Derek told JoJo that he needed some reassurance from her about her feelings (aka gimme dat rose), Alex called him pathetic, even though Alex had literally done the exact same thing minutes earlier. JoJo gave Derek the rose that night — Alex is just a sore loser.

When JoJo opted to keep both Alex and James Taylor instead of booting one of them, Alex wasn’t grateful — he was angry. He said that he “wanted to be wanted” and basically didn’t want to be a consolation prize. Like, dude — you got a second chance to woo JoJo. What is your problem here? I much more appreciate Chad’s outward attitude than Alex’s sneaky, petty bullcrap. He’s not happy unless JoJo is paying all the attention on him, and he’s not happy when anyone is talking about JoJo unless it’s him, and basically, he’s not happy about anything. Alex hides behind the nice guy sticker, but you know as soon as he gets eliminated from The Bachelorette (if/when he does), he’ll have a whole diatribe that JoJo can’t see what a nice guy he is and that she only goes for sexy bad boy jerks that will break her heart later on. Alex is so disingenuous, and that’s why, if I had to choose, I’d take Chad over Alex any day.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC