Will Rihanna's Puma Fur Slides Come Back Again? Another Surprise Restock Could Be Possible

Tons of different fashion and beauty brands have been shocking their fans with releases now, and this footwear company is joining the fun. With just one social media announcement, Puma has restocked Rihanna's Fur Slides in all three colors. This is the second time that the company has then out for sale, so it's only right to wonder if Puma will restock the Fur Slide yet again. There's no definite answer, but one last-minute restock means that more could possibly follow.

The first time that this furry slip on sandals launched, all three shades were sold out in just 30 minutes. Seeing as they were such a hot item, it only made sense for Puma to restock them. There's no telling how long they'll be online for this time. That means you should probably get over there and pick up those sporty meets trendy $80 sandals while you still can. Bustle has reached out to Puma about the possibility of another restock.

As of noon, all three colors are still available on the Puma website, but I'm willing to bet they won't be around for long. After they're gone, your only hope is to pick them up on eBay or pray for another restock. Considering they were being resold for up to $1,000, the second option is probably your best bet.

It's clear that Puma wanted the release to be somewhat of a surprise for fans. I'm guessing that's partially because people camped out at their computers last time and the shoes were gone in no time. Not alerting anyone at least gives customers a bit more of a chance to shop.

This slip-on style is Rihanna's third design for the company. This is a summery style, despite the fur, so maybe they'll surprise us with one more restock before the sun goes into hibernation.

Third restock or not, you should probably just head over to the Puma site and try to snag them while you can!

Image: puma/Instagram