Does Drinkable Sunscreen Exist?

Over the past decade, the importance of wearing an SPF has become a huge part of our beauty culture. However, could drinkable sunscreen be the next wave of beauty innovation? Skincare brand, UVO is hoping for that exact thing. The brand currently produces a "drinkable sunscreen" that claims to help protect the drinker from the sun's harsh rays. Essentially, the drink contains a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients that not only help to protect against sunburn, but also help to repair the signs of sun damage.

Now, these are a lot of incredible claims. However, there isn't too much research behind the effectiveness of the product. In a study performed by the brand, 15 individuals were tested to see how well the drink could protect their skin from damaging UV rays. While the results from the study, appear successful, the number of test subjects tested is troubling. Such a small amount of tested individuals can't clearly give a determinate answer on how this drink could affect a wide variety of people.

However, while the science behind the effectiveness of the formula need further testing, the idea behind the brand is pretty genius. The brand's founder, dermatologist Bobby Awadalla stated in an interview with The Guardian that the reason for creating UVO was to help those who are forgetful about the importance of sun protection. "I would see patients every day [who] had long- and short-term effects of sun damage. And despite the consequences, they were hesitant to use sunscreen." Awadalla hopes that this 12 ounce drink will act as another skin protecting option from the sun.

Personally, I love the concept behind this idea. Being able to protect the skin from the inside-out is truly unique when it comes to sun protection. However, I myself am hesitant to try a product that isn't throughly tested. Awadalla is trying to combat this consumer hesitation by conducting further investigation for the formula. Until then, it's safe to say that traditional SPFs are still the best bet for protecting your skin against UV rays.

However, if you are interested in trying out the UVO drinkable sunscreen for yourself, you can currently purchase the drink on the brand's website,, and through specific retailers in Florida and California.

As always, sunscreen is only one step in the prevention of sun damage. Be sure to wear hats and sunglasses as well as protective clothing while in the sun. Even staying in the shade on sunny days is preferable for fighting off chances of unexpected sunburns.

Images: Pixabay (4)