Celebrate July 4th With 'RHONJ' Snapchat Filters

What better way to celebrate the long holiday weekend than with festive Real Housewives of New Jersey July 4th Snapchat filters? Plus, the themed-geofilters, which target cities across the nation, are the perfect way to get ready for the upcoming RHONJ Season 7 premiere on Sunday, July 10. The filters will surely put a spark in Bravo fans' plans, not to mention up their Snapchat game greatly.

According to Bravo, "the filters will 'Jersify' noteworthy locations including national monuments, tourist locations, and more." With help from Situation Interactive, the filters are pretty entertaining and a super fun way for RHONJ fans to express their love for the reality series. Only three of the cast members are featured throughout the filters, but Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Jacqueline Laurita are the current biggest RHONJ stars, so it makes sense.

As exciting as all of this sounds, only certain cities will have access to the filters. I get that major cities are being targeted, but it's still a bummer that some fans won't be able to "Jersify" their Snaps, including myself. Click here for the complete lis of locations and see if they'll be available to you for July 4th.

With that, here are just a few of the filters you can look forward to. (BTW, Teresa definitely has the best ones. Surprise, surprise.)

Phoenix, Arizona

Is this supposed to be one of the Housewives' husbands or Jersey Shore's Pauly D?

San Diego, California

I'm getting a major "Wake Up, San Francisco" Full House vibe.

Venice Beach, California

See? I told you Teresa got the best filters.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Melissa does love her shopping.

Atlanta, Georgia

That actually sounds like something Jacqueline would say.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Remember that time they went surfing on RHONJ?

New Orleans, Louisiana

A RHONJ trip to The Big Easy would be pure gold.

Boston, Massachusetts

Possibly a new tagline for Teresa?

St. Louis, Missouri

This has Andy Cohen written all over it.

Coney Island, New York

There's no Fourth of July without Coney Island's Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

Fire Island, New York

Again, here is Teresa winning the Snapchat filter game.

Keystone, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore? More like, Mount RHONJ.

Don't forget to use the filters during your July Fourth celebrations, because they're only available over the holiday weekend. (And don't forget to add Bustle on Snapchat, too, while you're at it. We're @bustledotcom!)

Images: Bravo (12)