Blac Chyna's Insta Vid With King Cairo Is So Cute

There are cute Instagram videos, and then there are cute Instagram videos. Case in point, Blac Chyna posted an Instagram clip with her son, King Cairo, and his affection for his mama and yet-to-be born little sibling will make even the iciest heart melt. Why is it just so swoon-worthy? Well, because in the video Chyna soothingly caresses her belly, and while that's cute in and of itself, it also captures her little guy following suit. And the best part is, he does so without being prompted to. Judging by his face at the end of the video, the toddler is super proud of his big brother duties already.

Chyna totally knew the video spoke for itself, evidenced by the fact that she captioned the video with two simple yet adorable emojis: the baby and the king's crown. Even though Rob Kardashian doesn't make an appearance in the video, he kind of doesn't need to. The video says a lot without saying much of anything, and it's that he, Chyna, King Cairo, and their unborn baby are truly a loving family unit. But that doesn't mean seeing him with his almost-step-son and Chyna in the next video wouldn't be welcome. Because, you know, it totally would.

You can check out the truly adorable Instagram video below:

I guess the moral of the story is that there is clearly no sibling rivalry here. King Cairo is already a great and excitable big bro.