Britney Spears Gives "Don't Worry, Be Happy" A Whole New Meaning With Her Hilarious Instagram — VIDEO

Stop what you're doing and read this now: If you aren't following Britney Spears on Instagram already, you need to do so immediately. Seriously, the pop star uses Instagram the right way, which she just proved again in a recent IG she shared Thursday. In what can only be described as a hilariously brilliant video, Spears gives "Don't Worry, Be Happy" a whole new meaning. Yes, I'm referring to the 1988 Bobby McFerrin song that should always put a smile on your face. Well, not only did the "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer accomplish just that, but she will make you look at the song in a completely different way.

In the video, Spears makes nine (yes, nine!) different facial expressions alongside the catchy tune. She goes from sultry to silly to goofy to cheesy to scared and shows why she is an IG queen. It seems the overall point of the video is to get her followers to smile and be happy. After all, it's the long Fourth of July weekend. How could you not be thrilled about that? As for getting her fans to smile, well she certainly put a smile on my face. Thanks, Brit Brit.

Also, whenever I hear McFerrin's hit song going forward, I will most likely think of Spears' IG and how talented she is at making a variety of faces. She is a true star. Even though the above video will satisfy you greatly, I feel the need to focus on each facial expression separately. So, here you go.

Sultry Britney


Silly Britney

How can't you love her?

Goofy Britney

Are you smiling yet?

Cheesy Britney

Say cheese!

Duck Face Britney

I bet you're doing your best duck lips right now, aren't you?

Cross The Eyes Britney

Oh, Britney.

Gasping Britney

I mean, come on.

Confused Britney

Hands-down, her best work. Seriously, my favorite.

Scared Britney

Hey, Britney, don't worry, be happy!

And with that, if you aren't smiling yet, then I don't know what else Spears can do for you.

Images: Britney Spears/Instagram (9)