Kat Von D Wants You To Name Her New Lipstick

Hold onto your beauty bags, because another massive Kat Von D Beauty lipstick launch is coming. But before she can release the new line, Kat Von D needs help naming one of the Everlasting Lipstick shades. So far, fans have some pretty great ideas too. Let's hope she picks one fast and gets these gorgeous shades released soon.

It wasn't too long ago that Kat Von D started teasing her new liquid lipstick shades on social media. She posted a picture of an armful of swatches that would be coming soon to her makeup line. Now it turns out that she needs some helping naming them. The professional tattoo artist turn beauty guru posted a photo of two of the new shades on Instagram and asked people to name the pink neon hue.

I guess when you have 20 new colors coming out, you get a little overwhelmed with having to name them. Plus it's a great excuse for her to show off two completely stunning colors in the collection. Kat Von D is great at what she does, but sometimes you just need a little help. She currently has 28 Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades already out, and they all have pretty awesome names.

The obvious choice for this color would be something along the lines of coral, but her fans have gotten pretty creative. They don't seem to mind helping one bit, and now Kat Von D has some great options to choose from. Here are some of the best names thus far.

1. Coraline

Yes, please! it plays on the coral color — and is a great movie.

2. Eris

As the Instagram fan points out, Eris is the name Greek goddess of chaos. Kat Von D loves to get deep with her names, so this would be perfect for the neon shade.

3. High Voltage

Not only is this a great idea for the neon color, it's also the name of Kat Von D's tattoo shop.

4. Sorbet

It's not the deepest meaning ever, but it describes the summery hue perfectly.

5. Shock & Awe

Because, well, that's what it does.

6. Surge

There's no better name for a neon lipstick!

7. Crimson Crime

This one plays on the red meets coral color perfectly.

8. Xenon

Not only because it's a great Disney movie. Xenon is the chemical element used in lamps, according to this Instagram user.

9. Pucker Up

Because it's pink, like something sour. Get it?

Regardless of the name, at least we know the shade will be fabulous.

Image: KatVonDBeauty/Instagram (1); Screenshots/Instagram (9)