15 Old Fashioned Words That Deserve A Comeback, According To Reddit

Kids these days use language like "lit AF," and I have no idea what they're saying. The writer in me values a solid grasp of our beautiful language, and things like "YOLO," "low key," and "ship goals" just don't cut it. (But if that's your jam, hey, that's cool too!) A new AskReddit thread has captured my heart, with users submitting their suggestions of old fashioned words that deserve a comeback. Odds are these are words you've only heard in the movies; and I'd bet that if you dropped one on a friend mid conversation today, their eyes would glaze over. "Bae," first becoming popular in 2014, is already considered largely out of style. Now imagine language used in the 19th century. Yes. Old.

Like most other things in our culture, language evolves. Music, movies, and TV dictate what's popular and what's not. Back in the '90s, Clueless completely changed the way we talked and made phrases like "As if" everyday lingo. While some of it is still around, young people today have moved on to other inspiration. As such, the English language looks totally different these days, and I feel as though we've forgotten where we came from.

In honor of English as it used to be, here are 15 words that totally deserve a spot in today's language, according to Reddit.

1. That's The Ticket


Definition: Used when something goes exactly as you want it to.

2. Galoot


Definition: A boy or man who is awkward or foolish.

3. Dandy


Definition: Men of culture and refinement; when something is fine.

4. Tomfoolery


Definition: Behavior that is foolish or silly.

5. Heavens To Betsy


Definition: An exclamation of surprise started in the late 19th century.

6. Thrice


Definition: Three times.

7. Scoundrel


Definition: A cruel or dishonest person.

8. Balderdash


Definition: Nonsense; exaggerated or stupid.

9. Pish Posh


Definition: Dismissing something someone has said as irrelevant or silly.

10. Scram


Definition: To leave quickly; to tell someone else to go away.

11. Brouhaha


Definition: Interest or excitement in, or concern over something.

12. Fellas


Definition: Slang for "fellows."

13. Gee Willikers


Definition: Another way to say "gee" or "gosh."

14. Good Day, Sir


Definition: A polite way to end a conversation (not like Willy Wonka).

15. The Bee's Knees


Definition: Cool, hip, or excellent. Also see the cat's pajamas and dog's tuxedo.

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