'GoT's White Walkers Are Ready For Battle

Pretty much the only thing standing in the way of total White Walker domination on Game of Thrones is that giant wall of ice, and I have a strong feeling that the creatures' army won’t have any trouble getting past it when the time comes. Sadly, though, fans have to wait a long time before the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones , but in the meantime, I feel confident saying that there's a pretty high chance that Jon Snow will battle the White Walkers at some point in the episodes ahead. There’s not a lot of time left in the series and there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the army of the dead, but a White Walker return in GoT Season 7 is very likely.

Still, as it stands, we still don’t know much about the creatures and how they came to be. We know the White Walkers are moving, and we also know they’re somewhere around the cave that Bran was hiding out in, which wasn’t that far from Crastor’s Keep, which isn’t that far from the Wall. And while we’ve already seen a shortened version of what a battle against the White Walkers would look like, it seems like the biggest battle of the entire series will be the one where everyone faces off against them, on a much bigger scale. Cersei and Dany’s inevitable fight will seem like nothing in comparison to what the Night King’s about to do.

Everyone who isn’t Jon Snow is about to be in for a big surprise when the White Walkers do arrive, but there have been quite a few signs that the battle against the White Walkers is drawing nearer, such as:

1. The Fact That Winter Is Here

We’ve been preparing for winter for six years now, and at the end of Season 6, Jon gave the official confirmation that it is, in fact, winter. It’s a sage assumption that the White Walkers will thrive in a Westeros winter.

2. Jon Literally Talks About It Everyday

He’s been out and about warning people about this giant army of dead people forever. These days, he’s constantly talking about how they need to prepare for a battle ASAP, and luckily, it seems like he’s finally got a group rallying behind his cause.

3. Sam Now Has His Library

Sam may not have the strength to physically take on the White Walkers, but he’s got the brain to learn everything he can about them and help in the battle against them. Perhaps his new library home can teach him how to destroy the White Walkers, since there’s a bit of a Valyrian steel shortage going on. His findings will probably be highlighted a lot over the next season.

4. Bran’s Having Visions

We’ve seen how the Night King came to be, but there are a ton of other White Walkers, and we don't know their stories. There’s a chance that fans will learn more about their history in the form of Bran’s flashbacks in Season 7.

5. Bran Could Lead The White Walkers To War

Here's the downside to Bran's visions. When he idiotically went into the vision with the White Walkers, the Night King branded Bran's arm. When he woke up, the Three-Eyed Raven told him that the creatures can track him now. This could be a huge deal next season, as we know that Bran needs to get to Jon so he can tell him that he’s actually a Targaryen. Doesn't that mean he’s leading the White Walkers right to them? Uh oh.

6. The Timing Is Right

With two shortened seasons, it’s pretty clear that things are going to start happening at rapid paces if everything is going to be wrapped up by the series finale. The White Walkers are a major storyline that need a lot of time, and now that we're in the final stretch, the timing is right for them to make an appearance.

Like it or not, chances are high that we'll be seeing the White Walkers again soon.

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