Chrissy Teigen's 4th Of July Will Make You Jealous

Ah, to be Chrissy Teigen: Witty AF. Stunningly gorgeous. Married to John Legend. Mother of possibly the cutest celebrity kid in the history of cute celebrity kids. The list goes on. And go on it does, particularly on this holiday, during which Teigen Instagrammed and Snapchatted her 4th of July to the envy of all of her followers. Because this Independence Day, Teigen celebrated by going to the Hamptons (via helicopter, of course), basking away in the sun as she lounged in the pool with her hubby. Naturally, she documented the whole thing — including her first swimsuit outing since having baby Luna — on her socials. According to People, the model is hosting "Chrissy's Cookout," a pool party and barbecue that will feature recipes from her cookbook, Cravings. (I'll pause here for a moment while you open another tab to Google "how to become Chrissy Teigen in 10 easy steps.")

Teigen, who spent the Saturday of the holiday weekend at a Dodgers game with Legend and Luna, alternated between the 'gram and the Snap (do people besides me say this?) to document her 4th, sharing photos and videos of the helicopter ride and pool party on her Snap story. In one vid, Teigen is wearing a stunning tan one-piece and telling the camera, "First swimsuit post-partum. It's risky." Legend, an actual legend, says exactly the right thing in response when the camera pans over to him and he replies, "That ain't a risk." PREACH.

Over on Instagram, Teigen shared images from the pool, including one of her and Legend laying out on a float together, enjoying the rays and each other's company. In another pic, Teigen is laughing on a silver float in the shape of a hashtag, which the bathing suit model captioned, "hashtag can't swim" — a legit fact she had actually revealed two years ago on Bethenny.

While it's known that Taylor Swift is the Queen of the 4th of July as far as epic parties go, Teigen's 2016 holiday is proof that she is living her best life. Seriously: For someone who admittedly never learned how to swim, that doesn't stop her from floating in a stunningly cerulean pool at a mansion in the Hamptons with her famous husband. And not only is she spending the Fourth in the company of good friends and family, she's honoring her successful career — Cravings is a New York Times bestseller — with a whole cookout. To top it all off, the backdrop of the Hamptons is one of the most summery and gorgeous locales to spend the holiday weekend. Seriously, Chrissy Teigen: What does it take to become you???

The jealousy from those of us not a 4th of July pool party in the Hamptons may be real, but good for Teigen for living her best life on this 2016 holiday. You deserve it, girl!