13 Reasons You Should Try A Buzzcut

by Sebastian Zulch

Recently, I was in desperate need of change regarding my appearance. Unhappy with my mane and feeling at odds with my gender identity, I took the plunge and gave myself a buzzcut for the first time. Not only did this choice lead to all kinds of body positive feelings, but it's made my life a hell of a lot easier.

Previously, I had been growing my hair out from years of iffy DIY cuts that left my locks in a huge variety of lengths and textures. With my hair being as randomly shaped as it was, making it look good during the awkward process had proven to be difficult.

As my hair got longer, the texture also began to change in a way that bummed me out. After years of having locks that were oily and temperamental, I managed to find the perfect routine to keep it looking soft and free of excess oil. But over the past couple of months, the longer length made my strands slick again, regardless of how much I showered or curated my products.

I was hesitant to abandon my eight-month-long journey of growing my hair out. But the bottom line was that it didn't feel healthy, and I didn't feel happy in it to begin with. So I gave up the fight and cut it all off... and I've never felt freer. As the days progress, I'm only further reminded of what a great decision I've made. Here are just a few reasons that getting a buzzcut is the bomb.

1. Bad Hair Days Will Cease To Exist

When your hair is practically non-existent, there's no way it's ever going to be too oily, messy, or frizzy. You don't even have to worry about the wind or rain messing it up. Say buh-bye to bad mane days, and enjoy the wind blowing through your buzzed hair without concern.

2. You'll Save Lots Of Money & Energy

With my hair so short, I hardly have to use any product. Where heaps and heaps of conditioner were previously needed to help my strands feel nice and soft, I hardly even have to condition at all now. Instead, I can opt for whatever product is hanging around my partner and I's shared bathroom. Way less cleaning and a lack of styling products mean saving lots of time and money.

3. No More Hair In Your Face

One of my biggest pet peeves with longer hair was the way it would always get in the way. Its strange length, which prevented me from employing a ponytail, blocked me from enjoying yoga stretches, giving blow jobs, or even enjoying a clean shower drain. Today, I don't have to think about my hair because it's never in anyone's way.

4. It's Refreshing In Hot Weather

With all the humidity and heat we've been experiencing in the New York area, my longer hair was preventing me from cooling down — maybe because its bulkiness made me sweat, or the humidity messed with it enough to call for a heat-trapping beanie situation. With a buzzcut, I sweat a lot less and feel far less sensitive in the heat, all the while catching some cool breezes.

5. You Can Cut It Yourself

Wahl 20-Piece Pro Hair Cutting Kit, $20.99,

No more expensive haircuts or monthly trims. With a buzzcut, all you have to do is invest in some clippers and give yourself a little touch-up every couple of weeks all on your own. For people on a budget or who just hate going to salons, this might just be a dream come true.

6. It'll Go With Every & Any Outfit

Literally everything goes with a buzzed head, and, IMO, looks 10 times sexier when you've got the fierce AF short mane to go with it.

7. Beauty Looks Are Fiercer

Now that I don't have a crop of hair blocking part of my eye and much of my face, I have way more freedom to contour and highlight as I please — and it's finally super visible to everyone. Plus, my cheekbones and jawline can be on full display like they deserve.

8. Your Hair & Skin Might Feel Healthier

Since I've buzzed my hair, I feel so light and unhindered. It's great not to have long oily locks crowding my forehead and hairline, inadvertently causing oil-induced acne. Additionally, the perpetual itchy scalp I had been experiencing over the past few months disappeared once I cut everything off. So if you're looking to buzz, be prepared for a much healthier head feel.

9. It's A Great Cleansing Ritual If You Dye Your Hair A Lot

Over the past year, I've dyed and bleached my hair more times than I can count. As someone who is constantly afraid of the possible medical repercussions of chemicals in my mane (despite my love for all things pastel), it's been wonderful to give my scalp a do-over.

10. Rubbing Your Head Will Become Your New Fave Activity

Running my fingers through my fuzzy scalp is so cool, and simultaneously strange as I get to feel a part of my body I've never really gotten to know before. Bonus points: My partner loves petting the sweet fuzziness, too.

11. It'll Lead To A Style Overhaul

If you're in need of a major sartorial change or are just bored with your current look, this is a perfect and easy way to change things up. Trust me: You won't regret it.

12. It Can Be Incredibly Gender-Affirming

As a gender-fluid trans person assigned female at birth, I'm always trying to find new ways to feel validated in my masculinity. Cutting my hair as short as I did really allowed me feel more at one with my body, and as masculine as I want to be.

13. Everyone Looks Amazing With A Buzzcut

As much as I've heard concerns about "not having the right face" or "having a weirdly-shaped head," everybody I've ever encountered rocking a buzzcut looks fierce as hell.

So if you're looking to channel some Mad Max-esque realness, or are just hoping to experiment with something new, consider going the buzzcut way.

Images: Meg Zulch; Courtesy Brands