Kylie & Tyga Make The 4th Of July Romantic

Everyone, I encourage you to forget all about Valentine's Day being the allotted day for romance. It's trite, tired, and overrated, as Kylie Jenner's Instagram picture with Tyga would tell us lovesick amateurs... in a roundabout way, of course. It's not like she came out and said that or anything, but she didn't have to. Pictures tell a thousand words, and if this 4th of July photo of Tyga kissing Jenner's cheek in the most loving of manners is any indication, this patriotic holiday became the next big thing in terms of sentimental occasions with your significant other.

Jenner simply wrote in her Instagram caption of the intimate picture, "🎉🇺🇸," because, as stated, it didn't need any pretense. The reality star and the rapper are making 4th of July their own, personal holiday. I mean, sure, the pairing of fireworks and romance is a bit cliche, but it's also fitting. I give big kudos for Jenner and Tyga making a statement how they saw fit, even if it is super cutesy.

Shall we analyze the picture further, though? I think we shall. Not only is Tyga giving her some love, but Jenner looks totally content as she wraps her hand around his neck bringing him even closer. It's quite obvious the two had a spectacular holiday and it wasn't only due to the barbecue food and the summery weather, although I am sure that was definitely a plus.

You can check out the pic for yourself, below:

America's birthday is for lovers.