Justin Bieber Posts Selena Gomez Pic With Sad, Sad Caption

The Oscars were Sunday night, so they were the only thing on everyone's mind Monday morning. Justin Bieber was not immune to this and apparently was browsing some best dressed lists online because a certain lady caught his eye. Justin Bieber posted a photo of Selena Gomez on his Instagram account with the caption, "Most elegant princess in the world." The photo shows Gomez posing at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party and is obviously a professional shot. The photo also shows that Bizzle is lonely and doesn't care if the world knows it.

Bieber and Gomez have been broken up for a while now — their segway date was a couple months ago — so his Instagram post is pretty strange. (Oh the sentences I write when talking about Justin Bieber!) Since their split, Bieber has gone on a rampage of sorts, egging his neighbor's home, having his house raided after his friend was arrested for a felony thee, and getting arrested himself in both Florida and Canada. Meanwhile, Gomez has gone on to receive a Young Humanitarian Award from UNICEF. Clearly, their lives are headed in different directions and it's not surprising that Bieber is the one posting desperate-sounding Instagram captions while Gomez attends fancy parties.

Bieber posted the photo Monday morning, so, hopefully, it wasn't a drunken mistake. That would have made more sense, but Bieber shouldn't be hitting the bottle before 5 p.m. or at any time because he's under 21 and is clearly a law abiding citizen. This fact makes it even sadder (or more pathetic, your choice) because he took the time to Pic Stitch a professional photo of Gomez and decided that calling her the "most elegant princess in the world" was appropriate. At no point did Bieber go, "Ya know what? This is weird."

It doesn't seem this was a case of Bieber's phone being stolen or his Instagram being hacked, because soon after he posted a selfie. A sad, sad selfie.

I'm starting to feel bad for ol' Biebz! It is a strange feeling so we should all stick together during this tumultuous time.

Images: Justin Bieber/ Instagram