Vicki's New Man Should Avoid The 'RHOC' Cameras

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Vicki Gunvalson was born to be a reality star. A big reason for this is the fact that the mother-of-two is super open about her life — for the most part, at least. One part of her life that she really doesn't hold back on is the romantic relationships that she's had. For her sake, and for her new new man's sake, I hope that she has learned to keep some of her private life private. Gunvalson's boyfriend, Steve Lodge, should stay away from the Real Housewives of Orange County cameras, especially if he wants to have a happy and long-lasting relationship with the Bravo star.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gunvalson said that Lodge will just make a couple appearances towards the end of the season, which is a good start so far. RHOC viewers saw Gunvalson's marriage with Donn Gunvalson crash and burn on the show. And we will all be scarred for life from her tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship with Brooks Ayers, so I'm just hoping that she has learned from those tough experiences. I'm sure that it would be easier (to a certain extent) for the 54-year-old if she was able to have her boyfriend around her while she films, but it probably is not the best idea for him to film too much, for many reasons.

It Is A New Relationship

It is rarely a good idea to go super public with a new relationship. From making a relationship Facebook official to posting a million pics on Instagram to even being on a reality show, sometime it is just too much to give a new significant other that much public attention. What if it doesn't work out? Usually, it's better to just play it safe when it comes to publicizing a relationship.

She Needs To Focus On Her Friendships

Not that I actually know Gunvalson, but after years of watching RHOC she has really become a friend in my head. I can't help being concerned over her when she gets wrapped up in romantic relationships. She needs to take a break from the romantic drama and get back on good terms with her friends in the cast. I'm not saying that she needs to be single, but she needs to strive for some balance in her life between friends and romance.

It Would Be Tough To Follow The Brooks Drama

After the craziness the viewers and cast members endured while Gunvalson was on and off with Ayers, this new guy would definitely be under a microscope if he was prominently featured on RHOC. Gunvalson has been so open about her love life that it would just be inviting people's assessments and criticisms of Lodge. Pretty much anyone who is romantically linked to Gunvalson will be put through the wringer from this point on.

Reality TV Is Historically Tough For Relationships

I'm not trying to cop out and say that reality TV causes relationship problems, but I do think that the attention of having a relationship documented has to be difficult to deal with. Sometimes it is just better to enjoy a love life in private instead of broadcasting it on a popular TV show. Plus, no one wants to be added to the list of reality couple breakups.

He Is Not Used To The Spotlight

This is not someone who has been on the show (yet). Not everyone is meant to be a reality star. It goes beyond people discussing the show with their friends. Fans are very vocal on social media and the tabloids can be pretty ruthless when it comes to digging up information or even fabricating rumors. It is not something that he should take on without much consideration.

It's hard to watch RHOC and not feel for Gunvalson. No matter how you feel about her, it is very obvious that she really longs for companionship and doesn't enjoy being alone. Hopefully, she is able to evolve from the past and justify keeping this relationship away from the cameras. It will definitely be better that way.

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