Selena Vs. Taylor: Which 4th Party Was Better?

by Alyssa Giannone

Each year poses a fresh start to the unofficial yet long-lasting competition of best Fourth of July party. Celebrities all over the country celebrate their freedom with each other, most notably Taylor Swift and her girl gang. This year, Swift hosted some new faces at her Rhode Island home, like expectant parents Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and OITNB star Uzo Aduba. But one of Swift's besties, Selena Gomez, was absent not only because she's on tour, but because she was throwing her own Fourth of July bash.

The dynamic singing duo held separate Fourth of July parties this year while Gomez continues her Revival tour and Swift keeps things exciting with new beau, Tom Hiddleston. The two are like "sisters," according to Gomez's interview with Vogue last year, and some distance isn't going to stop that popstar sisterhood. Just because the two had their own parties for the USA's birthday, doesn't mean that the two are on the rocks, as proven by a recent Hiddleswift date at Gomez's concert in Nashville.

But that does leave me wondering: Whose party would I rather attend?

While both of them certainly know how to party and have the photos to prove it, a quick compare-contrast breakdown couldn't hurt in choosing who the true party-patriot is this year.

Taylor's Teaser Insta

So this year, Swift posted a single 'gram on America's actual birthday, July 4, and it's fabulous. The picture features some of Swift's girl gang and those new celeb-friends in front of a brilliant fireworks display.

Selena's Fancy Video

I'd have to say this is one of the cooler party-vids I've seen. It's simple and the caption is pretty badass. Plus, she's adorable. The whole thing makes the party look low-key and casual, which is how a Fourth party should be! One point to Selena.

Taylor's Trendy, Day-Latergrams

And here comes Swifty, pulling up the rear with three more jam-packed photos of Monday's festivities, which she waited until Tuesday to post. In a slew of girl power and friendship, and the cutest bathing suit outfits ever, Swift plunges head first into party that ran through the day and night. Not only is Tay wearing the suit she wore on a steamy (but weird) beach day with Hiddleston, but everyone else looks flawless and happy.

One point to Swift for each photo. It's 3-1 TayTay right now.

Selena's Rowdy Snapchats

This looks like a straight up good time. Sparklers are the next best thing to fireworks, because they're easier to handle and make for the best pictures. Another point to Gomez.

Drinks. My kind of party. Three points for Gomez. It's all tied up, folks.

The unofficial national anthem for every Fourth of July party, "Firework" by Katy Perry, belted by friends in the pool in the middle of the night? That seals the deal for me.

That means that this year's Fourth of July party champion is Selena Gomez. Her laid-back house party looked like the family barbecue that makes crazy and fun memories every year. I'm sure the Swift clan had their share of fun with water slides and ocean swims, but Gomez's simple style looks way more appealing for a hot July day with friends and fam. As they say, Gomez or go home.