If Jordan Rodgers Doesn't Win 'The Bachelorette', He Should Be The Next Bachelor

It has been obvious from the beginning of this season of The Bachelorette that Jordan Rodgers is a front-runner to win JoJo Fletcher's heart in the end. With that said, this show is edited and I would not put it past the producers and anyone else who is behind the scenes of the show to be tricking us so we would be surprised at the finale if someone other than Jordan wins. So, as much as I really think JoJo will end up picking Jordan and end up with a couple's name like JoJoJo or JoJordan, I could see Jordan becoming the next Bachelor if things don't work out the way I expect them to.

Sure, Jordan is a super polarizing cast member at this point, but I think that is way better than being boring like so many of the other dudes. Plus, there is just such a curiosity about Jordan and what he is really about, which would be interesting to explore on a season that revolves around him... Well, this season pretty much has revolved around Jordan ever since Chad left, but you know what I mean.

Hear me out, there are plenty of reasons why Jordan would be a good Bachelor.

People Have Already Shown Interest In Him

Even before The Bachelorette aired, people were digging into Jordan's past and talking trash about him on social media. He is used to the attention and would be able to handle being in The Bachelor spotlight.

He Is Good Looking

This is pretty superficial, but The Bachelor does tend to choose classically attractive men. We all remember JoJo uncontrollably swooning over Jordan when he stepped out of the limo on night one, and I'm sure that she's not the only one who did so. There are plenty of women (including myself) who would be down to date him and even more who would love to watch him on TV every Monday night.

His Hair Was Meant For TV

It would be a shame if this hair left our TV screens in favor of a life away from the reality show cameras.

He Made It Pretty Far On The Bachelorette

Even if Jordan gets cut in the next episode (which I doubt will happen), he has been on The Bachelorette for a long time. He has been building up a fan base since viewers know him and his story by now, which would set him up for a great start as the next Bachelor. On top of that, the Bachelors are usually suitors who made it pretty far in their seasons.

He Owned Up To His Past Relationship Troubles

Jordan had a questionable past with his ex and JoJo literally questioned him about it, but he owned up to the fact that his past relationship wasn't perfect on. Plus, everyone loves a comeback story, so if he does not get picked by JoJo that only adds to the progress he can make on TV in the love department if he signs up for The Bachelor.

He Formed Friendships On The Show

Yeah, some of the dudes are jealous of Jordan on The Bachelorette, but it's not like he's coming away from the show with no friends, because he seems to get along with plenty of them just fine. So, if people who are competing for a relationship with the same woman can end up liking Jordan, I'm sure Bachelor viewers would, too.

I'm pretty sure that Jordan will be walking away from The Bachelorette engaged to JoJo, but if somehow he does not, then he would be a great star to watch on The Bachelor.

Images: Craig Sjodin (3), Rick Rowell (5)/ABC