A 'Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates' Sequel Has So Many Options

In the new summer comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Zac Efron and Adam Devine play brothers, Mike and Dave Stangle, who go viral after they post online ads searching for respectable wedding dates to take to their sister's wedding. As you might expect, the dates they end up with aren't as respectable as they seem, and the four end up on a raunch-filled adventure. It's a premise that could certainly make for a fun franchise, but could a Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates sequel actually happen? It's definitely possible.

If you think that a movie with a title like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates isn't meant to have a sequel, it's understandable. After all, how many weddings can Mike and Dave be invited to? How many crazy potential wedding dates can there be out there? But then again, comedy franchises like The Hangover and Neighbors seemed like one-trick ponies before becoming massive successes and earning sequels. And Mike and Dave certainly has potential. The movie is based on the true story of brothers Mike and Dave who became Internet celebrities when they went on Craigslist looking for wedding dates, and with inspiration like that, there has to be more stories a franchise could spawn.

Still, it's tough to imagine a sequel movie following the true story of the real brothers, since their regular lives are far less cinematic than the tale they chronicled for their book and movie. Assuming that Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates does well enough at the summer box office to warrant talk of a sequel, it's likely said sequel would need an entirely new premise and/or function for our heroes, Mike and Dave, to attend. Here are a few things that could happen in a Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates sequel:

1. Mike And Dave Need Wives

Still keeping with the wedding theme, a sequel could find Mike and Dave planning a crazy double wedding. I would probably advise screenwriters to ditch the whole going online for women plot for this one though, because I'm not sure how they could make mail-order-brides a center story in a comedy.

2. Alice And Tatiana Get Their Own Spinoff

Sure, male audiences don't tend to love it when franchises are taken over by female characters, but who cares? Maybe Alice and Tatiana will go on another wild adventure, or maybe they'll just be a couple of stoner chicks looking to have a good time. Whatever it is, a sequel focusing on the characters played by Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick probably isn't a bad idea.

3. Mike and Dave ... Do Something Hilarious

OK, so maybe there aren't a lot of obvious roads for a Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates sequel, but, knowing Hollywood, I'm sure they'd come up with something should the need arise.

With no word on a potential sequel just yet, it's possible that Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will be a one-off. But maybe that will just make it all the more special.

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