Cryptic Cosmetics Is Coming Soon — What Is It?

Is there a new Kat Von D coming up the ranks? Is the next Jeffree Star upon us? That remains to be seen. But I am certainly excited about Cryptic Cosmetics, the new beauty line from online makeup artist Depechegurl. Oooh, right? So, who is Depechegurl and what is Cryptic Cosmetics? Well, I am glad you asked. If you are into the gothic, darker, and sometimes extreme side of makeup, then you will totally gravitate towards Depechegurl. If you're not already one of her over 800,000 Instagram followers, add her... NOW. Her looks are sultry and mysterious. She posts her makeup photos on Insta and Snapchat, but doesn't have a YouTube channel, unlike most beauty bloggers and vloggers. That's just another thing that sets this Insta makeup artist apart from her peers.

Let's talk about Cryptic Cosmetics. Depechegurl, whose handle is inspired by Depeche Mode, of course, posted pics of the packaging for her upcoming matte liquid lipsticks on both her personal and her brand's Insta pages.

Take a look at the packaging, which has that edgy, goth, vintage, and Edgar Allen Poe-approved aesthetic. I am already in love.

Behold the box packaging for the Matte Lip Veil.

Even the name of the product is cool. A Lip Veil? I love it.

This is an empty tube, obviously. But it gives me all of the feels already.

OMG, those details! From the plaid box lining to the rose on the top of the cap and those etched onto the applicator, nothing was left to chance. I can't wait to see what rich and velvety shades fill those tubes.

Depechegurl didn't reveal when Cryptic Cosmetics or the matte liquid lipsticks will launch. She only said "very soon." But her brand is so on my radar now. She even said in her profile Q+A with Sola Look that she prefers having a makeup line to being a freelance artist.

In other Depechegurl news, she teamed up with indie brand Sola Look for a liquid lippie collabo launching on July 15.

Gorge, right? It reminds me of the Posie K Kylie Lip Kit. It's the brand's first matte liquid lipstick.

This baby will be available via the Sola Look online store.

Images: Cryptic Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Depechegurl/Instagram (1); Sola Look/Instagram (1)