Jaime Camil Fans Will Love Seeing The 'Jane The Virgin' Star Sing In Broadway's 'Chicago'

One of the best parts of being a fan of Jane the Virgin is seeing its many talented stars find even more success by taking on roles other than their parts on the series. Whether it's Gina Rodriguez starring in thrillers like Deepwater Horizon or Diane Guerrero stealing scenes on Orange is the New Black, it's exciting to watch the show's actors find stardom, or simply perfect their already-honed chops, outside The CW dramedy. Even better? When these stars don't only get to show off their acting skills, but their other talents, too — like Jaime Camil, aka Jane the Virgin 's Rogelio, whose singing in Broadway's Chicago will make fans of the performer totally flip out.

Although long-time fans of Camil are certainly aware that the star is a triple threat (yes, he dances too), those who only know him as Rogelio will be in for an awesome surprise if they see him in Chicago. Sure, Rogelio has sung a handful of times on Jane the Virgin, but his role in the Broadway musical allows him to show off a vocal range that's rarely been seen on the TV series. As Billy Flynn, the high-powered lawyer hired to defend murderess singers Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, Camil steals the show, commanding the stage with an ease fitting of someone who's no stranger to the theater; in 2005, Camil starred in Broadway's The Mambo Kings, and has also performed in Mexican theater versions of West Side Story and Peter Pan, among others.

If you're a Jane the Virgin fan living in New York, try to catch Camil on Broadway before he leaves on July 31 (you can go to the show's website to buy tickets and get more info). And if you're not able to get to the theater? Re-watching one of the star's amazing Jane the Virgin singing scenes, below, will definitely fill the gap.

FC Jaime Camil Brasil ◣2◥ on YouTube

Oh, Rogelio.

Image: The CW