These Anne Freeman x Urban Outfitter Pins Are Fab

If you're looking for a quick and trendy way to amp up your outfit, then look no further. Illustrator Anne Freeman teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create ten awesome pins that will instantly make any outfit a little more personalized. How much are the Annie Free x UO pins? It won't set you back too much — unless you're looking to buy them all.

When art and fashion combine, great things happen. The Annie Free x UO pin collection is proof of that. Each one of the ten tiny pins are completely different than anything you've seen before. There's summery puns, mystical animals, and positive mantras. So basically you're going to want them all.

Plus they're all super wearable. Whether you're looking to wear them all at once to make a statement or just add a little bit of art to your everyday attire, these are perfect for you. There really is no easier way to add a little bit of attitude to your outfit.

Each one of the one-inch pins are $10 a piece, so all together this is a $100 collection. Considering they — quite literally — are wearable pieces of art, that's really not too bad of a deal.

How stinkin' cute are these? There perfect for rounding out the summer in style. Here's an up-close look at all the designs, so you can choose accordingly.

1. Let's Roll

Annie Free x UO Let's Roll Pin, $10,

Is there anything better than bright colors and puns? I think not.

2. Love Knuckles

Annie Free x UO Love Pin, $10,

Spread love in the trendiest way possible.

3. Epic Thoughts

Annie Free x UO Epic Pin, $10,

Now everywhere you go will be completely epic.

4. Shell Yeah

Annie Free x UO Shell Yeah Pin, $10,

I see no better way to round-out summer than with a beach-y pun.

5. Bright Eye

Annie Free x UO Eye Pin, $10,

This is my personal favorite. I love the bright colors and creepy cool feel.

6. Hang Ten

Annie Free x UO Hang Ten Pin, $10,

The painted nails are the perfect touch.

7. Swell

Annie Free x UO Swell Pin, $10,

Another summery pun to add to the fashionable collection.

8. Unicorn Believer

Annie Free x UO Believe Pin, $10,

Unicorn lovers, rejoice! Now you can wear your belief on your sleeve — literally.

9. Cloud

Annie Free x UO Cloud Pin, $10,

Nothing like a girly pink cloud to add a little brightness to your outfit.

10. Positive Vibes

Annie Free x UO Positive Vibes Pin, $10,

Spread positivity and good vibes whenever you go.

The only bad thing about this collection is figuring out which ones to get.

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