When Will Snapchat Memories Be Available?

Get your phones ready, Snapchat fans, because your favorite image-capturing app is releasing an awesome new feature. That's right: Snapchat Memories will be available to users soon. Now, even if you're an avid user of Snapchat, you're probably wondering: What exactly are Snapchat Memories? How will they change the way I use the app? Can I still use my favorite Snapchat emoji? And most importanty, when? When will this fabulous new update be available? Rest assured, Snapchatters, the app is only changing for the better.

The new Snapchat Memories feature allows users to save and organize their Snaps and Stories into a sort of favorites collection. You can do this with Snaps you've already taken, or add new Snaps as you go. You'll also be able to search these collections, making it super easy to relive your favorite memories and moments with friends and family.

You can share the Snaps you put into your Memories with your friends, too, which makes it even more awesome. And don't worry — old Snaps are put into a frame that clearly designates it as a Memory, so your friends will know this it not a Snap happening in real time. You can also go back and edit Snaps with text and emojis, which can be extra fun if you want to give more information on where a Snap was taken, the particular date it was taken on, and so on and so forth. Basically, the Snapchat Memories feature is all about making it easier for you to share happy memories with friends and family.

Another awesome new Snapchat Memories feature is that you can designate collections as "My Eyes Only" by setting up a password to protect the collections. Basically, this serves as a privacy measure for when you're showing your Snaps to other people. It looks like it'll be pretty handy if you send personal or sensitive information on Snapchat — or even if you simply value your privacy on principle!

So, when will these awesome new Snapchat features be available? According to the blog post announcing the new feature, Snapchat willbe releasing Snapchat Memories "selectively over the next month or so"; as they put it, "it's a big change for our service so we want to make sure everything is running smoothly." So how will you know when you finally have it? Easy: The Snapchat team will send you a Chat when the feature is available to you, so you'll know when it's ready for you to explore. Pretty awesome, right?

I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

Image: Snapchat