Twitter Can't Wait For KathleenLights X ColourPop

by Augusta Statz

This duo is like a gift that keeps on giving. They are collaborating for a fifth time around because when you come out with product this good each and every time, it’s just hard to resist doing it again and again. These Twitter reactions to the KathleenLights X ColourPop collection prove that the fifth time’s the charm. Seriously, these can guys do no wrong.

In the past, they’ve come together to create incredible lippies and eye shadow quads, but now they’re bringing us three new stain lipstick shades and an eye liner and pot. So, they’re rolling out five new products, and now that I’ve seen the swatches I can attest to the fact that you’re going to want to own each and every one of them!

Twitter seems to agree with me, too. Because people are super pumped about not only the shades, but also what they’ve decided to name each one. If you name an eye liner and eye pot “Mr. Bing” the Chandler gifs will come rolling in. If your inner ‘90s kid is freaking out right about now, well, honestly, I can’t say I blame you! See how the Internet’s reacting to this amazing collab and get ready to shop these products as soon as they launch on July 12. Based on their popularity already, I have a feeling these shades won’t be around for long.

It's no wonder people are losing their mind over this. This color palette is spectacular.

And just look at this rose-colored lippie. Could it be more perfect?

1. Chandler's Reaction

Even Chandler himself would be thrilled by this collab.

2. The Excitement Is Real

People aren't equipped to handle this level of excitement.

3. Alyssa

For all of the Alyssas out there, it's as if she created this shade just for you.

4. Bye, Bye Money

They can just go ahead and take it.

5. What A Time To Be Alive


6. Mr. Bing

It'd be hard not to want an eye liner and pot named after this lovable guy, you know?

7. Write A Check To ColourPop

We're basically paying rent to ColourPop at this point, right?

8. Save The Date

July 12 isn't even that far away, but it sure does seem like it is!

9. Need, Not Want

This is a necessity.

10. You've Got Mail

That package can't get here soon enough!

11. Jaw-Dropping

These shades are truly stunning.

12. So Beautiful

Don't they just bring tears to your eyes?

13. Dead

Wanting to own something this badly makes the struggle really real.

I'm just living for the day these products drop. And basically, so is everyone else.

Image: kathleenlights/Instagram (1)